Feb 14, 2012
Game Changer
Goth-Trad - Man In The Maze (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]
Goth-Trad - Cosmos (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]
Goth-Trad - Air Breaker (Original Mix) [Deep Medi Musik]

Takeaki Maruyama, aka Goth-Trad, has enjoyed a long and storied career spent primarily on Deep Medi, Mala’s peerless London-based dance label. His past exploits have included making his international debut playing experimental sound collage material on a boat in France, and even opening for The Mars Volta on their 2004 tour of Japan. For the last decade, Goth-Trad has been the standard bearer for Japanese bass music. With the dual release of his new EP Air Breaker and his triple-LP New Epoch, Goth-Trad has outgrown this title, and deserves recognition as one of the most creative and exciting producers in all of EDM.

For anyone who has ever had the profound pleasure of hearing Goth-Trad play live, the fact that this pair of releases are game changers should come as no surprise. Cosmos has been mangling crowds at his live sets for the last year at least; its colossal bass swells and cartwheeling rhythms sound as exquisite on wax as they are crushing in person. The A-side prefacing Cosmos on the 12″ EP is Air Breaker, a brutal and cacophonous collection of industrial subs and vicious neon stabs that bears resemblance to the sci-fi vibes Loops Haunt delivered last year. The last track we’re offering here is Man In The Maze, the nerve-wracking, string-driven opener on New Epoch. Simply put, this is for my money the best music to come out so far in 2012. Absolutely essential.

Still not enough for you? Check out the official video below for another track off New Epoch entitled Anti Grid, an already unsettling shuffler that strays into unhinged territory after the introduction of drunken, warbling synths.

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