May 26, 2010
Gaga for Electro House

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s new dance hit Alejandro. I think she’s set a higher standard for herself, and while I see where the song is going, it just really isn’t for me. That being said, I’m okay with it being one of the mainstream hits of the summer; although I don’t love it, I definitely don’t see it as a song that I’ll get tired of hearing very quickly. It’s got a catchy melody, and goes the floaty, mellow route. The remix by Skrillex*** on the other hand takes the catchy melody and tells the floaty business to screw off. What results is a Wolfgang Gartner-like orchestra of electro-house chaos. They use samples that you may recognize from other songs, but with a slick new spin.

*** – This one should be played loud.

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