Sep 10, 2011
Fytch Makes Us Wet
Fytch feat Carmen Forbes - Flyaway (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Fytch & Captain Crunch feat Carmen Forbes - Raindrops (Tomba Remix) [Buygore]

Another name on the rise in the world of 2-step broken beats is that of Paris native Fytch. Like many new faces to the scene, this young producer has made a splash across the web with a few terrific releases strategically shared online. His remix of Little Boots’ Earthquake is nearing 175k views on YouTube, which may not seem like that monstrous of a number, but consider that Fytch’s facebook fanbase is around 3500 and the significance of just one tune’s individual success slaps you right in the face.

A good remix or two is a great way to introduce yourself to the modern world of EDM, but no talent can make it to the top with just that. Accordingly, Fytch teamed up with another fresh face, Captain Crunch, and snagged some wonderful vocals from Carmen Forbes for his Raindrops EP, released on Borgore’s Buygore Records. While the whole release shows promise, it’s the tune Flyaway that grabbed and kept my attention. Forbes’ vocals add a warm sultry feeling to the track, but paired with bold, bassy synths and tasteful beats, this track becomes something truly special. Also added is Tomba’s remix of the EP’s title track. An absolutely sick remix from the Netherlands based producer, this track is brutally hard but still remains crisp with its killer, in-your-face synths.

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