Apr 29, 2014
FuntCase Tracks Down Laptop Thief

Here’s one for your “justice is served” file: UK dubstep artist James “FuntCase” Hazell successfully thwarted a thief who nabbed his laptop at an airport, all thanks to a handy security app that he had the foresight to install.

On the final day of his US tour last week, FuntCase says that he was “so tired from traveling so much” that he somehow left his MacBook Retina at the security checkpoint in Atlanta, and failed to notice until his plane landed in LA.

Using Prey, Hazell set the laptop to “missing mode” from his cell phone, which allows the user to remotely lock the computer and display messages to whoever is in possession of it. It also automatically snaps a photo of that person anytime they connect to the Internet, which is how the thief was traced, within minutes, to his exact location at the Sacramento airport.

“I posted 5 messages up on screen while he was using to say that i had lost it, I had his face on file and was willing to pay him a reward for the return of the laptop with my mobile number on screen,” FuntCase writes. “5 times I posted this message to him and I didn’t get a call.”

Having offered the thief ample opportunities to make good on what FuntCase admits could have been an isolated moment of bad judgment, he alerted the authorities. “In the screenshot you can see what gate he’s at so the police actually found his ass in the airport and threw him in a cell!”

Hazell goes on to note that he did not press charges against the individual, explaining, “I’m not a monster and I think this may be the only crime he committed in his life so this would have shaken him up as a good life lesson.”

A good life lesson for the thief, perhaps, but definitely an invaluable life lesson for the rest of us: protect your tech! Read FuntCase’s entire account over on Facebook.

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