May 21, 2011
Funky Lies
A1 Bassline - Falsehood (Original Mix) [Tighten Up]
A1 Bassline - Lumps (Technological) (Original Mix) [Tighten Up]

To some producers, maintaining a constantly visible profile isn’t as nearly as important as just cranking out the occasional bass-addled funkiness. You might recognize the name A1 Bassline–I posted about him way back last year–but if you don’t, the real name is Christian Shank, and he hails from the UK, the homeland of bass itself. Now a regular on newcomer label Tighten Up Records along with minimal tech dubber Tek-One, he’s finally back this year with a two-sided monster definitely worth a listen.

Adamant fans of electro house over the past several years might know him for some of his harder history–just take a look at the video for his track Breathless down there for reference. But Falsehood brings in a new paradigm of sound for the eclectic producer, keeping that trademark fidget funk but trading the ripping electro synths for some sub-bass action. The result is some of the deepest, most danceable beats you’ll hear on this side of the hemisphere. B-Side Lumps takes the transformation even further, infusing the vocal fidgets with pulsing, tech-inspired bass-play and colorful percussive melody. It’s no doubt that A1 has got the sauce as a producer; keep your fingers crossed for more gold from this river.

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