Aug 27, 2011
Funky History
Sasha - Xpander (Funkagenda Remix) [Deconstruction]
Sasha - Xpander (12'' Remastered Version) [Deconstruction]
Funkagenda feat MC Flipside - Nobody Listens to Techno (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

Although being the norm these days, progressive house and progressive trance honestly owe a lot of their roots to legendary legendary UK DJ Sasha. Considered the very first of its kind, his Xpander EP was released in 1999 and grew into the a genre-defining work. Many other artists followed, including Sasha’s music partner Digweed and the iconic Cosmic Gate. Flash forward now to 2011, where the highly respected techno and progressive house producer Funkagenda (pictured) sprung this classic back to life with a worthy tribute remix. Reworking the tune with today’s top musical technology, the remastered Xpander is also a welcome reincarnation, which I have included for you.

Being well-known for exploring dance music history, the UK’s Funkagenda is a righteous Toolroom Knight who tore up scores of dancefloors last year with his stomping track Nobody Listens To Techno. Inspired by Eminem’s famous sample from his song Without Me, MC Flipside was brought aboard to deliver one of the sickest techno songs of the new decade.

Photo courtesy of Rukes.

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