Oct 29, 2010
From The Night Into The Light
DJ Ange - 113 (Noctiva's Lifted Remix) [Insight]
Daniel Kandi - Piece Of Me (Noctiva's Progressive Remix)

Straight from the trance underground, Travis Pinto has scored a home run with his superb remix of DJ Ange’s 113. Now known now to millions of trancers around the world as Noctiva, this 27 year-old New Mexico native has even caught the attention of #1 DJ Armin van Buuren. Already moving full speed ahead, he’s begun recording a monthly podcast available on his Tumblr, featuring both progressive and uplifting beats. His next track Divine Intervention will be released at the end of November on London-based Insight Recordings.

As a glowing testament to that classic uplifting trance we all know and love, his remix of 113 is very reminiscent of the 1995 tune Children by Robert Miles. The breakdown in this one certainly stops time with its piercing, goosebumps-inducing piano melody. Noctiva has also tried his hand at progressive with a deep remix of Daniel Kandi’s Piece Of Me. This unofficial remix certainly hits the spot with its chilling pads that serve to introduce an epic build and a breakdown that almost fakes you out by waiting a few beats to drop the kick back in. Enjoy!

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