Aug 09, 2010
From Rags to Riches
The American Dream Team - My Boo (Original Mix) [Nervous]

The American Dream Team is a Brooklyn founded EDM duo comprised of DJ Code-D and Dan Savage. According to their MySpace, their music is best described as “the heaviest sound in jump-up ghettotech big room electro disco house mixing turntablism with top-notch production”. Forget trying to comprehend all of that and just trust me when I say that it’s really, really good.

Their music falls somewhere between Drop the Lime and MSTRKRFT, resulting in some of the filthiest party music today. Their debut single, Money (seen below) opens with a chant for “Money. Bitches. Cars. Clothes, and Weed.” A testament to the modern club if there ever was one. Since then they’ve honed their sound and sharpened their production skills. With regular features on mixtapes by Designer Drugs, Treasure Fingers and Kissy Sell Out, TADT has become a tour-de-force in electro-party beats. My favorite release from the group is their rework of the classic Ghost Town DJs track My Boo, a sophisticated yet seductive electro house track. Check out both tracks below and tell us what you think, as we can’t wait to hear more from The American Dream Team.

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