Nov 24, 2011
From Brooklyn to Atlanta
Myrryrs - Blood of a Slave (Obey City Remix)
Mane Mane - Twnkl Sr

Recently found floating around the internet, Brooklyn-based beatmaker (try saying that three times fast) Obey City’s remix of Blood of a Slave by Myrryrs is definitely a track you want to look into. While the original was rather downtempo, Obey City (pictured) has effectively reworked the bassline into an accompanying melody before layering it over a brand new bed of bass. If you saw my earlier post on fellow New York beatmaker Mux Mool, then you already know what is to be expected.

For more great beats in a similar vein, check out Mane Mane, an Atlanta producer who has been compared to Obey City from the get-go. I’ve posted one of my favorite tracks from his album Mane 2 Mane. Twnkl Sr has a very LA vibe to it, yet maintains its distinction through the utilization of sparse vocal bits and a slew of claps and snares. While it isn’t your standard “dance music,” it certainly is electronic, and is certainly a cozy listen for those cold winter months ahead. Enjoy, beat-heads.

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