Sep 03, 2011
Friends Reunited
Instra:mental - Pyramid (Original Mix) [3024]
Trevino - Chip (Original Mix) [3024]

Damon Kirkham aka Jon Convex is reunited with Al Green aka Boddika for the first time since they released Resolution 653, their debut album together as Instra:mental. Throughout the haze of aliases and collaborations, what is becoming abundantly clear is that this duo have to rank among the very best producers on the planet at the moment. Pyramid makes up half of 3024’s first split EP, with enigmatic newcomer Trevino providing a B-side in the form of Chip.

One thing very much apparent from Pyramid is that both parties are taking inspiration from their solo projects. Frostily minimal drum’n’bass was the blueprint for the album, but bellowing sub bass and jarring synth interjections make this track a much meatier offering, full of Boddika’s swagger and Convex’s deep rumbling. The flip is a track from Trevino, a new alias for a respected dnb producer ‘closely linked to both 3024 and Martyn’s career.’ Combining a mischievous sense of melody with a raise of tempo, Chip rounds off another fine release on Martyn’s 3024.

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