Mar 13, 2015
Friday Favorites 99
Wayne & Woods - Lambarai (Original Mix) [VOID]
Hunter Siegel feat. Kai - Let Me Love You Right (Radio Edit) [Big Beat]
Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - Across The Universe (Original Mix) [303Lovers]
Knight Horse - Sandstorm (Original Mix) [Onelove]
Crooked Colours - Another Way (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]
Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzalez - Last Light (Original Mix) [Make]
Panteros666 - Baby F-16 (Original Mix) [Bromance]
Goldie - Single Petal Of A Rose (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
Brodinski feat. Slim Thug - Warm Up (Original Mix) [Parlophone]

We reached out to the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince for a special version of his millennial anthem for our momentous occasion here, but he hasn’t returned our Close Encounters-style attempts at tonal communication just yet. Maybe he’ll rouse for something a bit more upbeat. It’s Friday Favorites 99.

Josh Bennett
Tribal/Big Room | Wayne & Woods – Lambarai (Original Mix) [VOID]
Swedish duo Wayne & Woods are tossing their hat into the ever-growing big room/tribal/jungle terror bandwagon, and I’m quite happy with the result. How can you not smile when you hit that breakdown with the African chant in the middle of the track? I imagine Wiwek will be opening one of his sets with this soon, if he hasn’t already. Pick up Lambarai here.

Nathan Codd
House | Hunter Siegel feat. Kai – Let Me Love You Right (Radio Edit) [Big Beat]
Toronto producer and dark PLUR practitioner Hunter Siegel joins the other deserving breakout acts of this year in signing his modern take on house music with a major label in Let Me Love You Right, out now from the homies at Big Beat. Vocalist Kai continues her hot streak that began with Diplo’s Revolution and left off with her charming Skrillex duet Mind on the Jack U album. Pick up a copy of Let Me Love You Right here.

Jesse Champagne
Techno | Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca – Across The Universe (Original Mix) [303Lovers]
After a quick detour with last week’s Save Tonight remix, I have returned to my one true love: dark and dirty techno. This 2012 release from 303Lovers label bosses Manuel De La Mare and Luigi Rocca is a fun-loving groove that more than lives up to it’s looped vocal sample, “It’s going deep. It’s going down.” Pick it up on Beatport here.

Mike Davies
House | Knight Horse – Sandstorm (Original Mix) [Onelove]
OK, just one more remix of Sandstorm–this one is worth it, I promise. It’s the work of Knight Horse, and with no information available online, I’ve no idea who’s behind it either. The surrealist SoundCloud blurb and newly created Facebook profile suggests it might be a secret alias of someone more well-known, but either way, it’s a fantastic and refreshing take on the original, and it’s out now on Onelove.

Yasmin Damoui
Electronica | Crooked Colours – Another Way (Original Mix) [Sweat It Out]
Aussie trio Crooked Colours can be described as lots of things, but predictable is not one of them. Between their highly addictive, relatively mellow In Your Bones and the more dark, experimental Capricious, I was officially hooked. Now, the boys have taken it up yet another notch with the rich and complex soundscape of Another Way. The single was debuted via mold-defying label Sweat It Out Records on March 6–cop it here.

Shea Kopp
Electronica | Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzalez – Last Light (Original Mix)
There are good collabs, and then there are great collabs, and Zero7 with Jose Gonzalez is a match made in heaven. Zero 7’s Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker have been crafting beautiful ambient electronica since the ’90s, a feat that has landed many of their tracks in popular films including indie cult flick Garden State. Jose Gonzalez had perviously sung for the duo in 2006, but it seems like the they couldn’t get enough of his ready-made lullaby croon. Relax with this stunning track, and find more of Zero 7’s work at their SoundCloud here.

Megan Murphy
Tech House | Panteros666 – Baby F-16 (Original Mix) [Bromance]
Featured in Guillaume Berg’s cover mix for Mixmag‘s new Bromance issue, Baby F-16 encompasses everything that’s amazing about Louis Brodinski’s record label–it’s slick, energetic, and flawlessly produced. Panteros666, otherwise known as Victor Watel of Club Cheval, utilizes deep, dark bass and smooth vocals to create this edgy track. It’s a bit of an oldie, but Baby F-16 is still every bit as addicting as it was when it first released. Grab it on Beatport here.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Goldie – Single Petal Of A Rose (Original Mix) [Metalheadz]
An exclusive track from Goldie’s 2013 compilation The Alchemist out via Metalheadz, Single Petal Of A Rose is simply a testament to veteran D&B Goldie’s production skills. The tune’s droning bassline and frenzied break combine with Jade Jones’ emotive vocals to create a restless and swooning groove. Single Petal Of A Rose is truly one of Goldie’s crown achievements in his 20+ years in the game, which shouldn’t be taken lightly considering the classics he’s created like Terminator and Inner City Life. Make sure to pick up Single Petal Of A Rose and the rest of Goldie’s 20-year commemorative compilation The Alchemist right here at the Metalheadz shop.

Marcus Dowling
Trap | Brodinski feat. Slim Thug|Warm Up (Original Mix) [Parlophone]
Blend equal parts morose French techno thump with trill Texas rap vibes, and the final product sounds like Warm Up, one of the highlights of Brodinski’s latest artist album Brava. The slowed cadence of electro drums here allows kick-led breakbeats to have a boosted warmth and power, a feel akin to massive timpani drums. Thus, Slim Thug’s sh*t-talking raps-as-usual with a laconic codeine-and-marijuana-addled flow have more impact than ever before. The whole track wheezes and bangs like a diesel-powered ’74 Cadillac with spinners on its last legs, making the heart wish for the day that dance’s rap obsession gets dark and starts going bump in the night to a brand new beat.