Mar 06, 2015
Friday Favorites 98
Alexander Turok - Oscillation (Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Remix) [2Rock]
Cassius - Cassius 1999 (Skapes Retwist) [Free Download]
Louis Vivet - Save Tonight (Nigel Good Remix)
M83 feat. HAIM - Holes In The Sky (Original Mix)
HONNE - Coastal Love [Tatemae]
Cudderland - love. (Original Mix)
Purity Ring - Flood On The Floor (Original Mix) [4AD]
Curbi - Discharge (Original Mix) [Spinnin' Deep]

Believe in yourself, and you can enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer*!

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It’s Friday Favorites 98.

Josh Bennett
Trance | Alexander Turok – Oscillation (Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Remix) [2Rock]
It’s been a minute since Dart Rayne’s Human Weapon hit me like a ton of bricks, so I’m glad to see him coming back strong with this big room remix of Alexander Turok’s Oscillation. Made in partnership with frequent collaborator Yura Moonlight, this track is the complete package–vocal chops and splices, a dramatic halftime breakdown, and a rapidfire, teeth-rattling drop. It’s already gotten support on A State Of Trance, so it’s certainly worth any trance fan’s ear. Pick it up here.

Nathan Codd
House | Cassius – Cassius 1999 (Skapes Retwist) [Free Download]
While the sun is hiding out in California, I’d like to make it feel as welcome as possible lest it consider sharing the love with the rest of the country. This remake of Cassius‘ classic tribute to sunny days should do the trick. Pick up a free copy from Skapes on SoundCloud.

Jesse Champagne
Indie/Beats | Louis Vivet – Save Tonight (Nigel Good Remix)
Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry is a timeless ’90s classic for many people, myself included. Imagine my surprise and joy then, when I came across Canadian producer Nigel Good’s remix of Louis Vivet’s synthpop cover. The unforgettable lyrics that you all (secretly) know and love have been given a refreshing, laid-back twist by Gavrielle and Nick Goldston, and Mr. Good provides a sparklingly serene and melodic backdrop. The end result is an infectious and upbeat trip down memory lane. Grab the free download here.

Eric Gossett
Indie/Beats | M83 feat. HAIM – Holes In The Sky
HAIM spent most of 2014 touring and having their songs remixed by the likes of MK and The Knocks. 2015 has seen the trio move up into the new role of collaborator. Having already lent their vocal prowess to Calvin Harris’ Pray To God, the Haim sisters have now collaborated with synth titan M83 for a new track, Holes In The Sky. It comes as part of the Insurgent soundtrack and features a somber synth and string arrangement from M83 with HAIM providing the dreamy vocals. Give it a listen, and pick up the Insurgent soundtrack when it is released March 17.

Yasmin Damoui
Electronic R&B/Soul | HONNE – Coastal Love [Tatemae]
If HONNE’s debut release, Warm On A Cold Night, doesn’t make you feel all the feels, then I’m afraid you may be lacking certain capacities of the ears and/or the heart. That tune got me instantly hooked to the London-based duo several months ago, and now they return with the first release off their second EP, Coastal Love. To no one’s surprise, it’s just as sweet and sultry as the rest of their catalog, with a slightly more upbeat, funky flair. The EP is set for a May 4 release via HONNE’s self-started Tatemae Records. Also, fun fact of the day: “honne” (本音) is the Japanese symbol for a person’s true feelings and desires while “tatemae” (建前) describes the behavior he/she displays in public. Let that one sink in.

Shea Kopp
Hip Hop/Indie | Cudderland – love. (Original Mix)
As a longtime Ratatat fan, I was a bit shocked to hear a sample of their track Sunblocks used in a Kid Cudi production, love. The track, of course, carries with it the iconic electric guitar-led rhythms of Ratatat, but this version has Cudi’s rap verses layered on top. Cudi had been working on the track and sort of forgot about it, only to discover it years later and unexpectedly release it under his Cudderland moniker on SoundCloud. You can hear more Cudderland tracks here.

Megan Murphy
Indie/Beats | Purity Ring – Flood On The Floor (Original Mix) [4AD]
Dark electro-pop outfit Purity Ring released their sophomore album Another Eternity this week, and among the record’s many standout tracks is Flood On The Floor. Featuring the Canadian duo’s signature brooding, synth-heavy beat and Megan James’ mesmerizing vocals, the track is gorgeous, eerie, and everything else that makes Purity Ring so appealing. Purchase the track and the rest of the album on iTunes here.

Chris Porter
Progressive House | Morgan Page feat. Lissie – Open Heart (Original Mix) [Nettwerk]
Vermont’s native son Morgan Page has an album called DC To Light on the way this June, and recently gave fans appetizer with his latest tune, Open Heart. Featuring the grandiose voice of songstress Lissie from Page’s first major hit The Longest Road, Open Heart soars with uplifting melodies and spirited percussion–both cornerstones of peak-time progressive house. Pick up Open Heart by clicking here, and make sure to catch Morgan at the Dada Life Compound in Miami on March 28 during UMF.

Mike Davies
Deep House | Curbi – Discharge (Original Mix) [Spinnin’ Deep]|

I’d never heard of Curbi before, and it turns out that’s because he’s a 16-year-old newcomer and this is his very first single. It’s certainly quite an entrance for the young Brit, with a release on Spinnin’ Deep in the shape of Discharge. It’s right at the mainstream end of deep house, and is fun, groovy, and devilishly catchy. We’ll certainly be hearing a lot more of this guy in future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled, and grab your own copy while you’re at it.