Jan 02, 2015
Friday Favorites 89
Ninetoes - Paapaa (Original Mix) [Saved]
Ghastly x Mija feat. Lil Jon - Crank It (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Butch & Hohberg - Thai Cubensis (Original Mix) [Otherside]
Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce - Beautiful Girl (Tube & Berger's Everything Is Falling Remix) [Get Physical]
Jillionaire & Phat Deuce feat. Mr. Lexx - Fi Di Gal Dem (Original Mix) [Feel Up]
MIA - Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix)
SomeKindaWonderful - Reverse (Sicarii Remix) [Downtown]
Tali - Forces (TREi Remix) [Viper]

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2015. If your resolution is to listen to more good music, you’re kicking some serious ass already. Great work.

Josh Bennett
Tribal/Techno | Ninetoes – Paapaa (Original Mix) [Saved]
Ninetoes of Finder fame has returned with an EP on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records, and it is a tribal heater sure to get a lot of plays at BPM in a couple of weeks. My personal favorite is the thundering title track, but B-side Jiving is a monster in its own right. Pick up the whole EP here.

Nathan Codd
House | Ghastly x Mija feat. Lil Jon – Crank It (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
I was gonna be completely honest for once and put what I’ve really had on repeat, you know, cause new year and all, but they it’s unsafe to share your address over the Web. This drunk-wobbling house groove from AZ-born, LA-based Ghastly and fellow native Arizonian Mija was a close second, and will do nicely for those wishing to run those wheels off the old hedon wagon screaming it into the weekend. It’s available now on OWSLA‘s first-ever holiday compilation Eggnog here.

Jesse Champagne
Techno | Butch & Hohberg – Thai Cubensis (Original Mix) [Otherside]
Butch & Hohberg continue on their trek to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes with Thai Cubensis, a 16-minute, psilocybin-laced journey through time, space, and everything in between. From the sitar and sacred chants, to the raindrops and deep chimes and clicks, this song has everything you need for a spiritual experience. Celebrate the new year with a couple gold caps and pick it up on Beatport here.

Mike Davies
Deep House | Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce – Beautiful Girl (Tube & Berger’s Everything Is Falling Remix) [Get Physical]
Beautiful Girl is the debut release from German newcomer Junge Junge, and while the chilled original is something special in its own right, the Tube & Berger remix really takes it to the next level. With hints of their 2013 smash Imprint Of Pleasure topped of with the vocals of Kyle Pearce, this is as relaxing as it is groovy–the perfect way to unwind after some wild NYE partying. It’s out now on Get Physical.

Eric Gossett
Trap/Booty Bass | Jillionaire & Phat Deuce feat. Mr. Lexx – Fi Di Gal Dem
Jillionaire wants us to turn up the new year and keep the party going with his latest collaboration Fi Di Gal Dem. The Major Lazer member has teamed up with Jamaican artist Mr. Lexx and Swedish producer Phat Deuce for a wildly entertaining song. Mr. Lexx offers a buzzing vocal track as Phat Deuce lays down his Jillionaire-hailed “big room kicks and crazy synths with a distinctly tropical vibe.” You can download Fi Di Gal Dem for free over on SoundCloud here.

Shea Kopp
Pop/Dance | MIA – Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix) [Free Download]
It’s been a while since I’ve heard an MIA track, so it was a welcome surprise to hear her familiar swagger in the form of a remix from DC producer Eau Claire. Eau Claire has made Paper Planes her own, transforming the playfulness of the original into an indie-dance powerhouse. Eau Claire will be one to watch as we head into 2015, already garnering support from Goldroom, Autograf, and others. She is offering her remix as a New Year’s freebie to download here.

Michelle Gardner
House | SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (Sicarii Remix) [Downtown]
To say this is a remix is almost laughable. Sicarii has surgically dissected SomeKindaWonderful‘s Reverse and reassembled the parts and pieces into a piece completely different from the original. He turns the melancholy song into a happy breakup tune that I could groove to all day. It’s too bad all breakups can’t be this fun. If you’re a Spotify listener, you can add it to your playlists here.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Tali – Forces (TREi Remix) [Viper]
Lots of new faces in D&B these days, and some are making a name for themselves rather quickly. One such producer is New Zealander TREi, whose recent retooling of Tali’s Forces is an exquisite concoction of bass, beats, and BPMs. Out on Viper Recordings, this remix can be found on the massive Decade of Viper compilation–a must-have retrospective of tracks released on the mighty label since 2004. Some other notable names on the compilation include Nero, Mind Vortex, ShockOne, Futurebound & Matrix, and Sigma, to name a few. Head over to Beatport to sample and pick up the entire compilation.