Dec 19, 2014
Friday Favorites 87
NITEPPL feat. Her Favorite Flavor - Shout (Original Mix) [POPGANG]
Mind Against - Strange Days (Original Mix) [Life & Death]
My Digital Enemy & Katherine Ellis - Live Again (Original Mix) [Onelove]
La Plage - Rendez Vous (Saint Pepsi Remix)
Tora - Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)
Wolf Saga feat. LYON - You Only Live Once (The Strokes Cover)
Teki Latex - Zodiac (Motez Edit)
GRADES - Crocodile Tears (Youan Remix)
Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga (Nick Hogan Bootleg)

Friday Favorites–had more followers after Instapurge.

Nathan Codd
Indie Dance | NITEPPL feat. Her Favorite Flavor – Shout (Original Mix) [POPGANG]
One day, science will prove that San Francisco’s NITEPPL and his ’80s-soaked funk house and nu disco are the result of accidental time travel from human storage–your basic frozen caveman or “trapped-in-a-basement” scenarios starring Brendan Fraser, except far more awesome with more cinematic indie dance and less Fraser. This latest offering makes me want to drink eggs and punch raw meat during a sunset while contemplating the final showdown in which I win back that mega babe from the beginning. Pick up a copy here, and get more NITEPPL vibes here.

Jesse Champagne
Techno | Mind Against – Strange Days (Original Mix) [Life & Death]
Berlin-based brotherly duo Mind Against has a style that even they say is “difficult to describe,” but to me it sounds like heaven. The title track of their new three-item Strange Days EP is an emotionally charged, eight-minute journey through dark vibes with a driving bassline and an atmosphere so heavy and moody you could cut it with a knife. The rest of the EP, which includes the original Polarstern and a Recondite remix, is equally brilliant–pick it up on Beatport here.

Mike Davies
House | My Digital Enemy & Katherine Ellis – Live Again (Original Mix) [Onelove]
Christmas is a feel-good time of year, but lets face it, those tried and tested carols are a bit old hat. Even the modern hits have been played to death–all I want for Christmas is to never hear that Mariah song again. So why not pour a few glasses of mulled wine, gather around a roaring log fire, and pump out some good old funky house? My Digital Enemy‘s latest anthem Live Again would be a good starting point (even if the title is more suited to Easter) with funky rhythms, infectious piano riffs, and some powerful vocal hooks from London-based diva Katherine Ellis. Grab it now from Beatport, turn it up loud, and spread some funky festive cheer.

Eric Gossett
Indie/Beats | La Plage – Rendez Vous (Saint Pepsi Remix)
One of my favorite discoveries of the year, Brussels outfit La Plage receives the remix treatment from fellow funk master Saint Pepsi. La Plage’s sound is rooted in groovy guitar riffs and popping beats akin to electronic-indie crossover bands like Phoenix. Saint Pepsi bombards their track Rendez Vous with an infectious blend of electro-pop melodies and even brighter beats that are ripe for the dance floor. You can download the remix on iTunes here.

Yasmin Damoui
Indie/Beats | Tora – Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)
With several grade-A releases this year, both Tora and Galimatias have shown very promising trajectories as we gradually transition into the new year. While five-part Aussie band Tora offers a chillwave, melodic sound, solo producer Matias Saabye Køedt (Galimatias) is widely recognized for his distinct, mesmerizing collaborations with vocalist Alina Baraz. When the two come together, the product is nothing short of meditative magic. Purchase the single here.

Megan Murphy
Indie/Beats | Wolf Saga feat. LYON – You Only Live Once (The Strokes Cover) [Free Download]
I’ve probably listened to aRod and BONES’ Holidaze 2014 Mix at least 20 times in the last week, and it’s led me to discover quite a few gems, including this gorgeous cover of The Strokes from Wolf Saga. The Canadian producer transforms this indie rock classic into a soothing melody of chords and airy synths, which provide the perfect backdrop for majestic vocals from LYON. Free downloads are up for grabs for the track and the mix.

Shea Kopp
House | Teki Latex – Zodiac (Motez Edit)
Motez gives the sex-house treatment to Parisian producer Teki Latex’s Zodiac, and it is everything I have grown to love about him. There is a strange urgency at the beginning of the edit with effects that ring out like an alarm before the beat kicks in. He even throws in a bit of a trap twist alongside the pitched down vocals to make it insanely multifaceted. All elements together, I guarantee this track will remain on repeat even after the weekend comes to a close.

David Kim
Deep House | GRADES – Crocodile Tears (Youan Remix)
Youan put a groovy twist on GRADES’ Crocodile Tears in the best tune I’ve heard this week. The vocals are supremely seductive and draw you in with deep and soothing vibes, but the best part has got to be the irresistibly techy drop. Check out the UK-based producer on SoundCloud, and grab the tune here.

Chris Porter
Trap | Bobby Shmurda – Hot N*gga (Nick Hogan Bootleg)
Son of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan and former cast member of the reality show Hogan Knows Best, Nick Hogan has recently tossed his hat into the space of dance music, releasing several original mixes and bootlegs this year. The fledgling producer just upped a trap bootleg of Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N*gga to his SoundCloud, and it’s packed with enough rude vibes to merit multiple rewinds. Be sure to keep an eye on Nick by following his SoundCloud page.