Oct 17, 2014
Friday Favorites 78
Sia - Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)
Kill The Zo - Part I
I Love Makonnen - Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday (DJ Snake Remix)
Jules & Moss - Nans et Moots (Oliver Schories Remix) [Kittball]
Lee Osborne - Sky-Dweller (Original Mix) [#Goldrush]
James Blake - Building It Still (Radio Rip)
Xinobi - They All Feel The Same [Discotexas]
XXYYXX & Giraffage - Even Though (Original Mix) [Kitsune]

Lorde is the newest member of an exclusive club that boasts societal moguls ranging from Al Gore and Hillary Clinton to Kanye West and whatever that gross little fat girl’s name is… you know, the one who has the TV show about dying of heart disease and diabetes at age 5? Anyway, there are thousands of ways to come out of a South Park episode far worse than Lorde did–at least they left your arms, legs, genitals, and cranium alone for the most part–gotta be feeling good about that any day of the week. It’s Friday Favorites 78.

Chris Downar
Pop/R&B | Sia – Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday) [Free Download]
South Park’s third episode of season 18 put out a hilarious spoof of how to use computers to produce music (watch here). The show picked on the successful pop star Lorde by depicting a cross-dressing Randy Marsh as her true identity. Lorde took the joke fairly well and did a brief parody of it in her response to South Park. Fans demanded a full version of the silly-but-catchy track, which was actually performed by the Australian singer Sia. You can now download PUSH here on Twitter.

Nathan Codd
Drumstep/Drum & Bass | Kill The Zo – Part I
Wondering when I’ll get more deadly-beautiful Kill The Zo action–I’m wearing a hole in my Part I MP3 keeping the first and only official results of their monstrous experiments on repeat. While it’s been months since we heard anything, at least we have the implication of the title to cling to for hope–surely we’ll see Part II one day. Here’s to more ornately detailed aggression at high speeds from my personal favorite of either producer’s many side projects.

Jacob Marmor
Trap | I Love Makonnen – Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday (DJ Snake Remix)
There’s no doubt that DJ Snake’s sounds and creativity level far surpass many producers in the game. He proved that yet again by bringing a fresh style with his remix of I Love Makonnen’s Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday. With a marimba-esque synth and a smooth beat, the remix is a much needed change of pace. The track is up for free download from DJ Snake’s SoundCloud, so head over and grab it while it’s hot.

Jesse Champagne
Progressive House | Jules & Moss – Nans et Moots (Oliver Schories Remix) [Kittball]
I was hard-pressed to pick a specific song from Jeremy Olander’s recent THUMP mix, because truth be told, every track was incredible, but I eventually settled on this remix from Oliver Schories. Deep, dark, and driving, it’s a powerful progressive tune that hints at something sinister, making it the perfect compliment for a late night drive (or an all-night party). Pick it up on Beatport here.

Mike Davies
Trance | Lee Osborne – Sky-Dweller (Original Mix) [#Goldrush]|
Ben Gold has a new label in the shape of #Goldrush and from the sound of things so far, its all about decent uplifting trance. It’s only on the second release, so Ben could always have a sudden change of heart, but with releases like this belter from Lee Osborne, it seems pretty unlikely. Sky-Dweller is carried beautifully by a big, searing square-wave riff, underpinned by some stomping, epic trance production. Get it now via Beatport, and turn it up loud.

Eric Gossett
Indie/Beats | James Blake – Building It Still
Anything new from James Blake is always a welcome surprise. During his monthly residency on BBC Radio 1, Blake slipped in this little unreleased gem entitled Building It Still. The track is a minimalistic maze of stripped-down piano riffs and tranquil beats. Although Building It Still slightly deviates from Blake’s traditionally cohesive style of songwriting, the track doesn’t travel too far from his overall easygoing tone and calming composition.

Yasmin Damoui
Downtempo | Xinobi – They All Feel The Same [Discotexas]
I’ll be the first to admit that my short attention span typically doesn’t allow me to appreciate downtempo tracks with extended build ups and minimal production. However, Xinobi’s They All Feel The Same is a major exception, leaving me nearly in tears every single one of the twenty times I’ve listened to it this week. Not to mention, the rest of his 1975 album is an awe-inspiring, trans-genre work of art–I’ve yet to witness such an impeccable mixture of house, indie, soul, and most importantly, bonafide instrumentation in a single album. Beatport purchase is available here.

Megan Murphy
Indie/Beats | XXYYXX & Giraffage – Even Though (Original Mix) [Kitsune]
In preparation for the awesomeness that is the Bay Area’s Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, my pick goes to XXYYXX, one of the festival performers and one of my favorite young producers at the moment. The 18-year-old beatmaker teamed up with Giraffage for Even Though, and the track perfectly blends XXYYXX’s chilled out, R&B-infused vibes with Giraffage’s dreamy and synth-heavy production. Grab the track on Beatport here.