Mar 21, 2014
Friday Favorites 48
Cyril Hahn - Raw Cut (Original Mix) [PMR]
Jack Beats - The Ill Sh*t (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Skrillex - F**k That (Original Mix)
New Order - True Faith (Sam Ball Remix) [Factory]
Seafloor - BustnLoo (Original Mix) [Astro Nautico]
Skrillex feat Niki & The Dove - Ease My Mind [OWSLA/Big Beat]
Prinze George - Victor (Original Mix)
Vindata feat. Kenzie May - All I Really Need (Regulated Edition)
Tame Impala - Stranger In Moscow (Michael Jackson Cover)

Too soon? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. It’s Friday Favorites 48, a privilege reserved for human beings with souls.

Josh Bennett
Deep House | Cyril Hahn – Raw Cut (Original Mix) [PMR]
Cyril Hahn got next, ladies and gentlemen. With signings from Disclosure’s PMR label and an upcoming set at PMR’s showcase at Red Bull Guest House during Miami Music Week, it won’t be long til everyone is grooving to his futuristic R&B stylings. Raw Cut is a bit more four-on-the-floor than Cyril normally goes, but it’s a surefire sex track nonetheless.

Nathan Codd
House | Jack Beats – The Ill Sh*t (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Consistently one of my favorite acts of any genre, the duo from London seems to have found a comfy home in the OWSLA nest. As the B-side of their recent Beatbox single, The Ill Shit is similarly vocal sample-driven and similarly awesome. That wailing synth might as well be sirens coming to pick me up for whatever crimes I committed while high on Jack Beats.

Jesse Champagne
Garage/House | Skrillex – F**k That (Original Mix) [OWSLA/Big Beat]
Sonny shows off his range with this Jack Beats-inspired groove, delivering an irresistibly bouncy tune that doesn’t skimp on the bass. It almost feels like a Dog Blood track more than anything else, but the addition of old school, Caspa-eque “wub” sounds make for an incredibly entertaining second drop. It’s hard to classify this under one specific genre, so let’s just call it awesome. If you haven’t heard the new Skrillex album yet, you can get it here on Beatport.

Mike Davies
Trance | New Order – True Faith (Sam Ball Remix) [Factory]
New Order has a very special place in dance music history. I’m a big fan of Blue Monday–still the biggest selling 12″ vinyl of all time–but True Faith is a personal favourite. Now it’s been wonderfully remixed by Kent-based producer Sam Ball, with a driving and energetic trance version that manages to remain sympathetic to the powerful production style of the original. Floating around since last summer, support from Eric Prydz and a play on last week’s ABGT have piqued interest in Sam’s remix and hopefully signal a future release.

Sam Benanti
Garage/House | Seafloor – BustnLoo (Original Mix) [Astro Nautico]|
Seafloor released an excellent record through Astro Nautico last month that I only got around to listening to this past week, and I’m kicking myself for not diving in sooner. It’s really tough to pick just one track to single out from the Lure EP, but the shuffling, crystalline garage-house of BustnLoo should be enough to whet your appetite and convince you to seek out more. Well allow me to save you the trouble: Lure is available in digital and vinyl formats now on Bandcamp.

Chris Downar
Trap/Dubstep | Skrillex feat. Niki & The Dove – Ease My Mind (Original Mix) [OWSLA/Big Beat]
I’ve been spending quite a bit of time listening to the brilliant Skrillex album Recess. There are so many tunes that I love, but my favorite track has to be Ease My Mind featuring Niki and The Dove. This will surely be a huge anthem at Skrillex events, and I predict massive crowds singing along to the lyrics “DJ, ease my mind will you? Play that song again because we were in love.” If you haven’t heard the new Skrillex album yet, you can get it here on Beatport.

Megan Murphy
Indie & Beats | Prinze George – Victor (Original Mix)
Brooklyn trio Prinze George hasn’t been on the scene for long, but they’ve definitely made their mark with this gorgeous track. It may start out sounding like generic synth-pop, but don’t be fooled. Victor is full of rich bass and vibrant keyboard notes countered by slow, mesmerizing vocals. It’s dreamy, slightly dark, and unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. Check out more from Prinze George on SoundCloud, and look out for their debut EP set to release sometime this spring.

Nick Polizos
Trap | Vindata feat. Kenzie May – All I Really Need (Regulated Edition) [Free Download]
I was skeptical when I first saw a remix of Vindata’s latest single All I Really Need by the Regulators. I had never heard of this Chicago-based duo before, but I am so glad I hit play, because their version is now on serious repeat. The future bass energy drives the entire track, making it one part party trap and two parts chill summer vibes. The drums swing and sway, creating a head-nodding effect that is sure to resonate with your inner music nerd. The track is available for free download now, and is easily summed up in one word: good.

Eric Gossett
Indie & Beats | Tame Impala – Stranger In Moscow (Michael Jackson Cover) [Modular]
Australian psych/synthpop band Tame Impala has released a mesmerizing new cover of Michael Jackson’s Stranger In Moscow. In the past, the Perth natives have covered several big-name artists like Massive Attack and Outkast. A deeper cut from Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I, Tame Impala turn the King of Pop’s solemn soul ballad into a dreamy mix of comatose composition and hypnotic melody. The heavy, dragging beats are washed over by a sea of psychedelic synth and echoing vocals. How does it feel, Tame Impala asks? Heavenly.