Mar 07, 2014
Friday Favorites 46
Vindata feat. Ebonique & Xavi - Recognize [Symbols]
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Vaux & Rivera Remix)
RA!N - The Problem (Original Mix)
Darren Porter - Terraforming (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Fort Romeau - Her Dream (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (The Schmidt Remix) [Free Download]
Leftwing & Kody - I Know [Off]
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Elephante Remix)
MineSweepa - Piranha Party [Firepower]
Grouplove - Shark Attack (Viceroy Remix)
Lilt - Coming Down (Original Mix)

Better than winning a Oscar because when the music kicks on, we’re just getting started. It’s Friday Favorites 46.

Josh Bennett
Garage/Pop/R&B | Vindata feat. Ebonique & Xavi – Recognize [Symbols]
LA duo Vindata are hitting the scene right in the middle of a resurgence of interest in ’90s R&B sounds, and boy are these guys pulling that style off well. Their debut EP, …For One To Follow, is getting major hype in all corners of the blogosphere. My personal favorite on the EP is the short and sweet Recognize, which features soulful, syncopated vocals around a beat that’s part garage, part Jersey club, and all swag. Pick up …For One To Follow here.

Nathan Codd
House |Pharrell Williams – Happy (Vaux & Rivera Remix) [Free Download]
Philly duo Vaux & Rivera spread a creamy layer of deep vibes across Pharrell’s latest chart-killer in their “Super Big Obnoxious Hats” remix of Happy. The main chord progression manifests in a warm, punchy synth pattern that swells in progressive builds and releases into Pharrell’s “happy” chorus vocal for a quite satisfying . Get more Vaux & Rivera and pick up your copy here.

Jesse Champagne
Trap | RA!N – The Problem (Original Mix)
Holy mother of bass, this song goes hard. New Jersey newcomer RA!N delivers a deadly blend of hypnotizing snares, OG vocals, and, oh yeah, quite possibly the biggest bass kicks of the year. The best part? How clean everything sounds–this guy has some serious production chops. Some words of advice before you listen: Don’t even bother trying to use crappy computer speakers. Free download here.

Mike Davies
Trance | Darren Porter – Terraforming (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
Do you want massive uplifting trance with a tough edge to it? Well, there’s no better place to start looking than Monster Digital and their latest release, courtesy of British underground legend Darren Porter. Terraforming is exactly what you’re looking for in an uplifting trance track–the drums are as hard as nails, and the main melody is as uplifting as an arterial hit of amphetamines. It’s another win for Monster, as their track record for showing that trance is very much alive and well just gets better and better. Terraforming is out now via Beatport.

Sam Benanti
House | Fort Romeau – Her Dream (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
The music of Ghostly International producer Fort Romeau is often referred to as “proto-house,” which, pretentious as it may appear at first glance, actually describes what the London-based producer does quite well. There’s a sense that Romeau has a back-to-basics approach to his work that’s less concerned with the modern conventions of dance music than with the bare necessities of groove and mood. All of his productions are immersed in a hazy, reverb-soaked fog that gives them a distinct, dreamlike quality, and Her Dream is no exception. Lose yourself in the delicious repetition, and check out Fort Romeau’s forthcoming EP Her Dream, out March 17 via the multimedia imprint Live At Robert Johnson.

Jon April
Drum & Bass | DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (The Schmidt Remix) [Free Download]
DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust is one of my all-time favorite tracks; it helped turn me into the electronic music lover that I am today. With that being said, when someone does a remix, it better be a good one, and San Francisco-based The Schmidt has delivered. His remix is an energetic drum & bass take on the track with hints of electro. Grab a free download on The Schmidt’s Facebook page here.

Chris Downar
Deep House | Leftwing & Kody – I Know [Off]
If you love house music producers like Dusky, then this groove called I Know by Leftwing and Kody is sure to hit the spot. Its passionate diva samples, funky bass, and graceful breakdown altogether make for a brilliant club track. I Know is sure to get stuck in your head. Grab this catchy groove on Beatport here.

Megan Murphy
Electro House | Beyonce – Single Ladies (Elephante Remix) [Free Download]
If you ask me, It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with Beyonce, especially when the track in question is Single Ladies. Los Angeles producer Elephante proves that electro house has its place in even the most classic of pop tracks with this remix, using bold synths, a finger-snapping beat, and plenty of riffs and stellar drops to add a surge of energy to B’s sassy anthem. Show Elephante some Facebook love, and you can grab a free download of the track here.

Nick Polizos
Dubstep | MineSweepa – Piranha Party [Firepower]
Dubstep is rarely my drug of choice when deciding on tunes, but MineSweepa managed to wake my inner basshead from his solemn slumber thanks to his track Piranha Party. This is not your normal half-timed, kick-snare face melt. If I were to use an analogy to describe its overall feel, I would say it’s like Melbourne Bounce on crazy amounts of drugs. The track steadily and (somewhat) merrily bounces along, all the while maintaining the common Dubstep trappings that make it a floor-rattling crowd-pleaser. I can already envision the masses jumping, dancing, and raging along to it. Piranha Party is one of four tracks from his Epidemic EP available April 15 on Datsik’s Firepower Records.

Eric Gossett
Indie/Pop/Dance | Grouplove – Shark Attack (Viceroy Remix)
With each new album, Grouplove seems to be moving slowly into deeper electronic territories with their music. The electro-pop band from California by way of New York released its sophomore album Spreading Rumours last year, and it was filled with endless, sun-soaked tracks that make you long for the coast. San Francisco producer Viceroy re-polishes Spreading Rumours standout Shark Attack by adding a touch of carefree synth and splashes of driving drum beats to turn this already-animated track into an adrenalized summertime anthem. You can get the track here via iTunes.

Josh Stewart
Drum & Bass | Lilt – Coming Down (Original Mix) [Free Download]
It seems like D&B has taken a back seat here in the states, but that doesn’t stop the awe-inspiring producers and their releases from pushing the genre forward. Australia-based trio Lilt’s latest track Coming Down is surely one not to miss, with a perfect balance of warming basslines, a memorable melody, intriguing ideas, and a vocal lead that just oozes with beauty. There’s something magical about tracks that manage to be powerful yet delicate, and Lilt walks that line with confidence here. Keep your ear to the ground for more releases from this production team as they’re likely to make a real impact on the D&B scene this year. Grab a free download of this track from the group’s Facebook page here.