Jan 31, 2014
Friday Favorites 41
The Reef - The Camel (Original Mix) [Ciao]
Aaliyah - One In A Million (Kill Frenzy Remix)
Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Tchami Remix)
Jorn Van Deynhoven - New Horizons (ASOT650 Anthem) [A State Of Trance]
XXYYXX - Witching Hour (Original Mix)
The Presets - My People (Original Mix) [Modular]
Futurecop! - Superheroes [Kiez Beats]
A$AP Rocky feat Drake, 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar - Fuckin' Problems (Truth Remix)

Debt and expenses are like jail. If you do the crime, you gotta do the time. Hopefully not too many of you have to do your time testing deodorant. Happy Friday though, it’s Friday Favorites 41.

Josh Bennett
Booty Bass | The Reef – The Camel (Original Mix) [Ciao]
The Reef consistently stands out as a producer who can be dropped in most typical 130-BPM big room sets, but still maintain a completely unique sound. If booty bass is your thing, you have probably heard his Mad Decent-released Ignant. Now The Reef is back in a similar sound vein with The Camel, a track that received a nice little boost in exposure when it was included on DJ Snake’s must-listen Essential Mix. I’m not sure if that sound effect in the drop is supposed to imitate camel noises, but whatever it is, it will certainly grab your attention. Pick up the track here.

Nathan Codd
Juke | Aaliyah – One In A Million (Kill Frenzy Remix) [Free Download]
Gourmet bass chef Kill Frenzy mixed up a juke-R&B hybrid with a sexy ghetto flair and served it up on the house late last year in his remix of Aaliyah’s One In A Million. The late great R&B goddess’ untouchable voice rides in on a magic carpet of pads and a pumping juke rhythm before tossing in a complete tempo change and letting Aaliyah ride it out slow for a few bars–delicious. Pick up your free copy here.

Jesse Champagne
House | Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Tchami Remix)
I’ve had this track on repeat ever since DJ Snake dropped it in his Essential Mix a few days ago (check it out, it’s amazing). For a guy who has been releasing music for less than a year, Tchami sure sounds like a veteran. Beginning with a robot-voiced breakbeat intro, the song quickly transitions into a grooving future house jam teeming with a powerful bassline, clean percussions, and an irresistible melody. Not quite finished, a magical bridge will ensnare your mind, body, and soul, before a rousing climax once again has you two-stepping across the dancefloor. Download it for free here.

Mike Davies
Trance | Jorn Van Deynhoven – New Horizons (ASOT650 Anthem)
Jorn Van Deynhoven’s remix of Love Never Came was my favourite track of 2013, despite being released in November. Now the Dutch talent has been selected to provide the anthem for the ASOT650 New Horizons events taking place over the next few months. It’s an ideal bit of uplifting trance, typical of the ASOT sound that resonates around the globe. There’s a big atmospheric break, leading to a solid, gritty lead synth, topped off with a massive, pumping drop–Dutch trance at its best. Grab it now on Beatport, or even better, take in the live experience at an ASOT650 live event.

Sam Benanti
Trap | XXYYXX – Witching Hour (Original Mix)
I was a little late to the game on young Marcel “XXYYXX” Everett–I didn’t catch on until he had already risen above YouTube fame in 2012. One of the tracks that helped establish his reputation as a serious player in the world of trap/future bass was Witching Hour, his ode to satan worship which was revived this week by the Future Classic label to spread the world about Everett’s appearance on their curated stage at Australia’s traveling Laneway Festival. Download for free here.

Jon April
Indie & Beats | The Presets – My People (Original Mix) [Modular]
Time and time again, I find myself coming back to the harsh-yet-beautiful sounds of The Presets. My People is one of my favorite tracks from the duo and also sports one my all-time favorite music videos. They have a fantastic sound coupled with the angelic voice of Julian Hamilton that work together to create a unique sound.

Megan Murphy
Synthpop | Futurecop! – Superheroes [Kiez Beats]
Nearly every track from British duo Futurecop! is brimming with dreamy, feel-good vibes, and Superheroes is no exception. Stunning vocals and an infectious beat scream ‘80s nostalgia, and I can’t help but wish I was cruising down the highway on a late summer night with the top down every time I listen. Grab the track on Beatport here.

Chris Downar
Trap | A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar – Fuckin’ Problems (Truth Remix)
New Zealand duo Truth has always impressed me with how low the bass in their dubstep tracks hit; I always crank my subwoofers up for their beats. This month, they surprised me with a beastly trap remix of one of my favorite hip hop songs, Fuckin’ Problems by A$AP Rocky featuring Drake, 2Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. Free download here