Wiwek - Mufazi (Original Mix) [Rising]
Too Short - Blow The Whistle (Sam F Remix) [Free Download]
Gesaffelstein - Control Movement (Danko Twurk Remix)
James Blake - Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit) [Free Download]
Rupe - Epiphany (Original Mix) [Kakaroto]
BenZel - Fallin Love (Cashmere Cat Remix) [Free Download]
Eprom - Center Of The Sun (Original Mix) [Rwina]
Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Frontliner Remix) [Armada]

Finally. Something you can commit to doing weekly that will make you sweat but isn’t full of germs, creeps, and objects that are frankly just too heavy. It’s Friday Favorites 38.

Josh Bennett
House/Tribal | Wiwek – Mufazi (Original Mix) [Rising]
This little gem slipped by me when it came out a couple of months ago, but I’m glad I’ve found it now. Newcomer Wiwek’s Mufazi is plain fun, with tribal vocals, a percolating drop, and a unique sound that will help it stand out in your standard big room set. Pick up Mufazi here, out now on Rising Music.

Nathan Codd
Trap | Too $hort – Blow The Whistle (Sam F Remix) [Free Download]
Bay Area bass head Sam F reps his region with this hyphy-as-f*ck remix of East Oakland hip hop legend Too $hort’s Blow The Whistle. You’re gonna want to slap Sam F’s trap remix out your scraper the next time you’re gettin’ stupid, so scoop up the free download here.

Jesse Champagne
Twerk | Gesaffelstein – Control Movement (Danko Twurk Remix)
One of my favourite tracks of all time just got… twerked? Yep, you read that right. Gesaffelstein’s raucous techno tune Control Movement just got turned into stripper music. Why? In the eloquent words of producer Jay Danko, “because I f*cking can.” Heavy bass, hi-hats, and Dem Graveyard Bells will have you shaking your ass from LA to Paris. Download it for free here.

Ilenia Cangelosi
Deep House | James Blake – Retrograde (Finn Pilly Edit) [Free Download]
They say don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, and in my ears, James Blake’s Retrograde is perfect, but Finnebassen is a master at adding that extra spark. Under the moniker Finn Pilly, my favorite Norwegian pays great respect to Blake’s Retrograde with an infectious edit, and he’s offering it as a free download. Happy Friday.

Mike Davies
Big Room/Progressive House | Rupe – Epiphany (Original Mix) [Kakaroto]
I missed this release from local lad Rupe when it came out in November, and it’s a shame it went without much fanfare, because at just 16 years old, Rupe clearly has talent. Epiphany is his debut release on Kakaroto and has everything the chart-topping prog house tracks have to offer. The production is up there with the big guys, and the melody is huge, catchy and a great example of what makes the genre so popular. While Rupe may be right at the start of his career, with the right guidance and backing, this is a guy who has the potential to climb right to the top.

Sam Benanti
Indie & Beats | BenZel – Fallin Love (Cashmere Cat Remix) [Free Download]
Scouring the Internet for new music as I do every day, I often stumble upon new tunes simply by pressing play on a random SoundCloud track I dig and then letting the site’s algorithms take me wherever they please. This week, the most pleasant surprise I discovered was Cashmere Cat’s remix of Fallin Love by BenZel. I’ve been a casual fan of Cash Cat for a minute now, but this remix from last winter was news to me. It’s got all the hallmarks of his best work: lovably detuned synths, frantic and meticulous drum programming, and twisted, gender-bending vocal samples. Download it for free on SoundCloud.

Matt Heidkamp
Trap | EPROM – Center Of The Sun (Original Mix) [Rwina]
This track might ruin your weekend. It might even make you question your existence. Eprom’s Halflife album is on a whole other level, and this track in particular may have the gnarliest intro us Earthlings will ever hear. Don’t even think of playing this one on headphones or laptop speakers — high quality sound systems only. See you on the other side.

Chris Downar
Hard Dance | Armin van Buuren – Shivers (Frontliner Remix) [Armada]
Shivers has been, and still is, my favorite Armin van Buuren classic. The vocals pierce deep with emotion, and it always takes me back many years to when I first began listening to his music. Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with Shivers after hearing the recent hardstyle remix that Armin asked Frontliner to produce. The distortion effect he added underneath the original vocals is really pleasing. I also adore the anti-climax that catches you off guard. Pick it up here from Beatport.