I See Monstas - Evolution [Polydor]
Siloet - Control (I AM ROBOT Remix)
Jeff Dougler & Balu - Another Day (Original Mix) [Coyote Cuts]
Curses! - The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) [Institubes]
Koven - Make It There (The Prototypes Vocal Remix) [Viper]
Tycho - Awake (Original Mix) [Ghostly]
Gladkill - What Goes On (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Suspect 44 - Amazing (Original Mix) [Trice]

Happy Friday! Now, since we had such a long and tiring Halloween weekend, we were all thinking we’d take it easy this weekend, maybe everyone get together watch a movie and… BAHAHAHAHAHA! JK. F*ck that noise. Light the fuses, betches… It’s Friday Favorites 29.

Josh Bennett
Drum & Bass | I See Monstas – Evolution [Polydor]
After a recent name switch from Monsta to I See Monstas, the vocally-driven act released the Evolution EP, a title that perhaps plays along with the change of name. The title track is a four-minute drum & bass romp that sounds like it would be almost as comfortable in a Pentecostal church as it would in a club. Listen to this track before your next sports game, and get ready to go out swinging. Watch the video for Evolution here, and purchase the EP here.

Nathan Codd
Glitch Hop | Siloet – Control (I Am Robot Remix) [Free Download]
Back for the second time in my Friday Favs, I AM ROBOT and his “sex music” glitch hop remix of Siloet’s Control can’t be kept out any longer. ROBOT gives the beat a little more of a rolling groove, adding energy and plenty of funk to the otherwise quite serious ode to the enigma that is women. Pick it up here, and do your thing.

Jesse Champagne
Jackin House | Jeff Dougler & Balu – Another Day (Original Mix) [Coyote Cuts]
I’m going to add some class to your weekend, ladies and gents, with a track from two friends of mine, Messrs. Jeff Dougler & Balu. Combining throwback jazz and funk samples with old-school, Chi-city jackin house, their groovy productions will transport you into a Prohibition-era speakeasy, replete will all the trappings of the Good Life. Case in point is Another Day, a track so infectious, Jay Gatsby himself would be throwing it down. Grab it here.

Jon April
Electro House | Curses! – The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) [Institube]
Definitely an oldie but came across this gem a few weeks ago while listening to some old playlists. Curses! The Deep End that was released back in 2009. The production is terrific and still holds up as a party-starter.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Koven – Make It There (The Prototypes Vocal Remix) [Viper]
Recently released on Koven’s Make It There EP via Viper Recordings, The Prototypes vocal remix amps up the original edit to a swimming 172bpm, in addition to keeping the alluring vocal. While the original mix is a gem in its own right, the D&B remix gives Make It There enough gas to power any dancefloor into 6th gear. Make sure to sample the entire EP right here on Beatport, including the stellar Habstrakt remix.

Ilenia Cangelosi
Electronica/Chillout | Tycho – Awake (Original Mix) [Ghostly]
If there’s one thing that I love more than deep house, it’s chillout electronica, and no one does that better than artists like Tycho and Bonobo. San Fran’s Tycho has been making mellow music magic for more than a decade, and his newest work of art, Awake, makes you melt just the same as his oldies. Let your work week troubles float away by purchasing Tycho’s Awake here.

Matt Heidkamp
Deep House | Gladkill – What Goes On (Original Mix) [Free Download]
On an emotionally-driven bass tip, Cali’s Gladkill released a new EP this week called What Goes On. The title track puts a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. To make things even better, you can download the entire EP for free via Bandcamp.

Mike Davies
Prog House/Trance | Suspect 44|Amazing (Original Mix) [Trice]
On paper, a track featuring a vocal with nothing but the word “Amazing” repeated over and over sounds really annoying. The reality is quite different, as the vocal sample in question is actually really catchy and turns a decent track into something special. Amazing is the work of Dutch/American trio Suspect 44 and is a nice mix of prog house and trance. Buy it now, and play it really loudly–regardless of whether your friends/neighbours/anyone within earshot thinks it is indeed “a-mazing,” they’ll certainly have it stuck in their heads for a very long time.