Oct 25, 2013
Friday Favorites 27
The Eric Whitacre Singers - Fly To Paradise (Main Mix) [UNQUIET]
Nick Thayer - Worlds Collide (LeDoom Remix) [Free Download]
Mord Fustang - Misguided Freshman (Original Mix)[Plasmapool]
Mitchell Claxton - Wuxia (Original Mix) [Monstercat]
Mayer Hawthorne - Wine Glass Woman (Aeroplane Remix)
Nitri - Against Our Will (J:Kenzo Remix) [Horizons]
Bon Iver - Coming Down (Monkey Safari Radio Edit)
The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (Maxum Remix) [Free Download]
Lonshi - New Dimension (Original Mix) [Free Download]

We all actually listen to classical music, and this whole thing just a big front… anyway, go ahead and slam on Friday Favorites 27, and go get ‘em, you weekend party animal. Just don’t tell anyone about the classical music thing. That could be embarrassing for us.

Josh Bennett
Electronic/Classical | The Eric Whitacre Singers – Fly To Paradise (Main Mix) [UNQUIET]

Eric Whitacre is one of the most innovative musicians on the planet. A choral composer with a love of pop, rock, and electronic music, he often refers to himself as “the fifth member of Depeche Mode.” With his unmistakable head of flowing blonde hair and a quiet strength to his presence, Whitacre has risen to the top of his field through breathtaking compositions, an uncanny humor on his social media channels, and a prolific catalog that includes an electronic opera, Paradise Lost: Shadows & Wings.

Whitacre is perhaps most well-known for his Virtual Choir project, in which singers from around the world send in YouTube videos of themselves singing parts to a track composed by Whitacre. The best videos are then chosen and compiled in a futuristic setting where Whitacre “conducts” the thousands of virtual faces in front of him. The latest iteration, Fly To Paradise, was the Virtual Choir’s fourth outing and contains 8,409 videos from 5,905 people in 101 different countries. It features Classical choral vocals over a Nero-like electronic backing track. This is absolutely breathtaking music, folks. Listen to the Eric Whitacre Singers rendition above, and watch the Virtual Choir performance here.

Nathan Codd
Electro House | Nick Thayer – Worlds Collide (LeDoom Remix) [Free Download]
One of my favorite bass tracks of the year, Nick Thayer’s Worlds Collide was given a club-ready overhaul from the Texas terrorizer, LeDoom. Pick up the free download here, and get on with it, already. Go party.

Jesse Champagne
Electro House | Mord Fustang – Misguided Freshman (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
In 2011, Mr. Mord Fustang was on my short-list of can’t-miss producers. With a string of hits like The Electric Dream, Super Meat Freeze, and Lick The Rainbow, the future was blindingly bright for the young Estonian. A few years later, despite receiving the award for Breakout Artist of the Year at the 2012 Beatport Music Awards, I felt that Mord was flirting with becoming a one-trick pony. Misguided Freshman, the final track on his new Something Music Related EP, is an infectious return to form for MF. He doesn’t necessarily break the mould, but the sugar-sweet track should have you smiling and it’s a great way to start off your weekend.

Jon April
Nu Disco | Mayer Hawthorne – Wine Glass Woman (Aeroplane Remix)
Mayer Hawthorne’s Wine Glass Woman combining the pop vocals of Mayer Hawthorne with the disco synths that Aeroplane has perfected over the years. Mayer Hawthorne is giving away the track for free through a new app of his called Where Does This DJ Go? which you can find in the iTunes App Store here.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Nitri – Against Our Will (J:Kenzo Remix) [Horizons]
Brazilian D&B producer Nitri recently released this smashing track on Horizons Music–flanked by a superb remix from J:Kenzo on the flipside. Originally premiered back in August by dBridge, this tune’s syncopated rhythm is electrifying and the sound design is down right rude.

Mike Davies
Trance | Mitchell Claxton – Wuxia (Original Mix) [Monstercat]
I’ve known Mitch through a few music production forums for years now, and it’s great to see someone who was just starting out grow into a bona-fide trance producer. His latest release is Wuxia, and it’s a belting bit of hard trance with a nice hint of classical going on the intro, which could almost be a film score in it’s own right. Wuxia has something nostalgic yet modern about it. There’s almost the feeling that it could be a forgotten trance classic–something you’d pull out of your vinyl collection and think “damn, I forgot about this monster!” Yet, it’s still modern and hammers home the point that hard trance is constantly bubbling away and threatening to break through to the forefront of EDM.

Chris Downar
Deep House | Bon Iver – Coming Down (Monkey Safari Radio Edit)
This week I’m really feeling this terrific bootleg of Bon Iver’s Coming Down by Monkey Safari. It’s so beautifully relaxing and serene. It has such a smooth flow and gentle rhythm. It would surely complete any after hours set. Now if only the full version could turn up somewhere online.

Ilenia Cangelosi
Progressive House | The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Maxum Remix) [Free Download]
This week I’ve strayed from my usual deep house/disco tunes to enjoy some quality progressive house by a gentleman nearly half my age. 15 year old Toronto sensation Maxum is well on his way up the EDM ladder with electrifying original productions and an online radio show so infectious you can’t help but keep ears glued. Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Neighbourhood Sweater Weather (Maxum Remix) and hear what the hype is about.

Matt Heidkamp
House | Lonshi – New Dimension (Original Mix) [Free Download]
This might not be my usual steez, but I can’t help but get down to this track by New York’s Lonshi. What seems like run-of-the-mill big room, New Dimension launches into a boundless, sweeping melody with upbeat, spacey vibes. The track can be downloaded for free off Lonshi’s SoundCloud.