Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Dabruck & Klein Remix) [Zouk]
Pendulum - Slam (Original Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
Jeremy Olander vs Kent - Petroleum (Original Mix) [Pryda Friends]
Blende - Fake Love (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
Naughty Boy feat. Emeli Sandé - Lifted (Loadstar Remix) [Virgin]
Arctic Moon vs Bryan Kearney - Dreamers & Dreams (Original Mix) [FSOE]
Disclosure - Second Chance (Original Mix) [Island]

Put your work down, and consider it the weekend. It’s Friday Favorites 26.

Josh Bennett
Big Room/Progressive | Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Dabruck & Klein Remix) [Zouk]
I’m quickly pulling one from the vault amidst the madness over here at Amsterdam Dance Event. Dabruck & Klein’s remix of Carte Blanche has shown up on the site before, but I was reminded what an amazing track it continues to be when I dropped it at a Pryda Friends show in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Pick up Carte Blanche here.

Nathan Codd
Drum & Bass | Pendulum – Slam (Original Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
Still ready and waiting for their reunion, I’ve been pummeling my house more or less constantly with a smirk while I wait for the incredulous phone calls from my friends who told me jokingly that they’d only rave again at a Pendulum show.

Jesse Champagne
Progressive House | Jeremy Olander vs Kent – Petroleum (Original Mix) [Pryda Friends]
In terms of progressive house mastery, this is about as close as you can get to Eric Prydz without, you know, being Eric Prydz. Far-reaching, poignant, and effortlessly grandiose, Petroleum is a crowning effort for Pryda Friends member Jeremy Olander. He wasn’t on my radar before this, but you can be damned sure that he is now.

Jon April
Indie & Dance / Nu Disco | Blende – Fake Love (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
While waiting for food this past weekend, I walked into a clothing store to pass some time. Immediately after walking in, I heard some of the funkiest sounds I had ever heard coming out of a stereo in the corner of the store. I had never heard it before and quickly Shazamed to find it to be Blende, a DJ out of the UK. The vocals on the track mixed with the piano almost sounds like an older Justice track and had me dancing around my room for quite a bit.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Naughty Boy feat. Emeli Sandé – Lifted (Loadstar Remix) [Virgin]
Naughty Boy on the production, Emeli Sandé on the vocals, and Loadstar on the remix–what can go wrong here? Nothing. This tune is a massive injection of liquid soul heated to the perfect temperature of 170bpm–just what the doctor ordered. This Lifted remix was released in August on Virgin via Naughty Boy Recordings and available to purchase right here on iTunes.

Mike Davies
Trance | Arctic Moon vs. Bryan Kearney – Dreamers & Dreams (Original Mix) [FSOE]
Trance is very diverse and offers something to suit any mood. Sometimes you want it chilled and relaxing, sometimes chugging and prog-y, sometimes you want it to make you smile and throw your hands in the air. But sometimes you want it to make you go totally mental and jump around in a darkened room lit only by UV and strobe lights. For the latter, Dreamers & Dreams is just what you’re looking for. The work of hard trance masters Bryan Kearney and Arctic Moon is hard, fast, melodic, uplifting, and makes you realise these guys should probably team up more often.

Chris Downar
Garage | Disclosure – Second Chance (Original Mix) [Island]
I’ve been listening to a lot of garage lately, and tonight, I’m gearing up to see Disclosure at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood. This profoundly soulful track is one of my favorites off their
incredible album, Settle, and it features lyrics from the R&B song Get Along With You by Kelis.