Sep 20, 2013
Friday Favorites 22
Juyen Sebulba - Spanish Guitar (Original Mix)
Vandal - Mad As Hell (Audiofly Remix) [LOT49]
Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand [BPitch]
Chromeo - Over Your Shoulder
Brookes Brothers feat. Haz-Mat - Loveline [Breakbeat Kaos]
Foamo - Without You (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Mark Sixma - Character (Radio Edit) [Armada]
Does Not Compute - Wheels of Steel (Original Mix) [V]

Friday Favorites is back, this time sporting the double-deuces for our 22nd edition of the best thing about Friday.

Josh Bennett
Electro | Juyen Sebulba – Spanish Guitar (Original Mix)
Coming seemingly from out of nowhere, Texan Juyen Sebulba has smacked the electro world in the face with a unique sound that’s already gotten signings from Mad Decent with Superjam and Vicious B*tch with a remix of Do Right. Interestingly enough, the track I’m choosing for my Friday Favorite, Spanish Guitar, was actually an earlier version of Superjam that Diplo, Moska, and Laidback Luke advised him to rework; however, I prefer Spanish Guitar over Superjam. Though they are both great songs, Spanish Guitar is like no electro track I’ve heard to date. Interspersed between… well… Spanish guitars, are 2 completely different drops, the first of which is a bootyshaker of the nth degree, and the second of which is just straight up rave energy. Everything you need for a balanced breakfast. Pick up Spanish Guitar here for free.

Nathan Codd
Techno | Vandal – Mad As Hell (Audiofly Remix) [LOT49]
I’ve had one of those weeks in which by Friday, I feel compelled to scream out the window at strangers in attempts to convince them I’m not crazy. This song encourages me to do that. I like that. Thanks Vandal, Audiofly, and The Network, for giving this little ritual of mine a soundtrack, making it not only easy, but fun to have myself committed.

Ilenia Cangelosi
Techno | Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (Original Mix)
It’s been a monumental week of music in New York City, but one of my greatest highlights was meeting one of the most talented, down-to-earth artists who introduced the world to something greater in dance music. Paul Kalkbrenner–creator of spine-chilling techno and tech house, star of the epic German film Berlin Calling, and mastermind behind the film’s timeless soundtrack–an artist of many talents. Sky and Sand is just one of 16 emotionally powerful and outstanding works on the film’s soundtrack, all of which can be found here

Jorge Meza
Nu Disco | Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder (Original Mix)
My favorite funky duo is back! Chromeo has released their first single off their long-awaited album White Women, Over Your Shoulder. The track is vigorously funky, featuring
disco style, and Dave 1’s signature charming vocals.

Jesse Champagne
Drum & Bass | Brookes Brothers feat. Haz-Mat – Loveline [Breakbeat Kaos]
In cased you missed it, go check out the newest Heartbeat Podcast featuring the Brookes Brothers. I’m not the world’s biggest D&B fan, but the mix is absolutely incredible; I’ve been dancing like an idiot for the past week. One of the highlights is track 2, an ecstatic production called Loveline. It’s fun, totally carefree, and impossibly infectious. If Haz-Mat’s vocals and the boys’ liquified production doesn’t send you over the edge, I’m not sure what to tell you.

Matt Heidkamp
House | Foamo – Without You (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Have you ever heard of FoMO? It stands for Fear of Missing Out, and it’s how I felt this past week when I heard Laurent Garnier’s excellent Boiler Room mix and couldn’t name the track that had me bouncin’ nine minutes in. Luckily, a fellow LT3 comrade was able to nail it down: Without You by Foamo off his self-titled EP on Rinse, released in June. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

Mike Davies
Trance | Mark Sixma – Character (Radio Edit) [Armada]
I first heard this while at ASOT Ibiza last week and was totally taken aback by it. So much so, that I had to use Shazam on a video I’d taken in a desperate attempt to work out what it was. It turns out that this gem from Mark Sixma, isn’t even out yet. Character features on Universal Religion Chapter 7, a full release is presumably on it’s way in the near future, but for now we have to make do with the radio edit. It’s an example of one of those trance riffs that features just the right melody and just the right synth sound. Hearing and seeing it played out to ten thousand people was mind-blowing enough, but it still keeps the same effect played down a pair of headphones at home.

Chris Porter
Drum & Bass | Does Not Compute – Wheels of Steel (Original Mix) [V]
The enigmatic Does Not Compute delivered a smash-up EP last September on V Recordings, with the A-side tune Wheels of Steel bringing a highly unique sound to the 170-BPM genre. Originally released as a vinyl a year ago, the full EP was eventually released in digital format and featured on Planet V Drum & Bass Vol. 1 mixed compilation earlier this summer by label head Bryan Gee. Wheels of Steel brings a jump-up vibe with incredibly unique synthetics. Pick up the tune here on Beatport.