May 08, 2015
Friday Favorites 107
Little Simz - Devour (prod. Jakwob)
Platunoff - Never On Time (Dustin Nantais Remix) [Aethereal]
Adam Beyer - Stone Flower (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
Du Tonc - Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework) [Free Download]
Penguin Prison - Show Me The Way (Original Mix) [Downtown]
Nero - Innocence (Baewatch Bootleg) [Free Download]
Carlin & Fil - Awakening (Saer Remix) [Elliptical Sun]

Whatever it is they pay you to do, tell them it can wait until Monday–especially if what you do is get humped by cows in a special golf cart. It’s Friday Favorites 107.

Josh Bennett
Hip Hop | Little Simz – Devour (prod. Jakwob)
21-year-old London rapper Little Simz randomly worked her way into my SoundCloud this week, and boy am I glad she did. She first hit mainstream attention when Jay Z’s Life & Times premiered her fourth mixtape, and she’s been enjoying an ever-growing cult following since. My personal favorite track of hers I have heard thus far is Devour, a Jakwob-produced outing that sits somewhere between Azealia Banks’ ferocity, Missy Elliott’s stutter beats, and KRS-One’s semi-dissonant piano musings. Grab the track and the entire E.D.G.E. LP here.

Jesse Champagne
Progressive House | Platunoff – Never On Time (Dustin Nantais Remix) [Aethereal]
Toronto’s Dustin Nantais might not be a household name yet, but his jaw-dropping catalog of progressive house productions speaks for itself. Following on the success of his recent original, Cloak, Dustin returns with a deliciously dreamy remix that I fell in love with instantly. Warm, inviting, yet touchingly poignant, it offers a joyous trek through a soft and alluring soundscape. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Mike Davies
Techno | Adam Beyer – Stone Flower (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
As the season is almost upon us, I’ve been doing plenty of daydreaming about Ibiza this week, and when it comes getting the soundtrack right, you can’t beat a bit of Adam Beyer. His latest release is the four-track Stone Flower EP, and while it’s tough to choose a favorite from the dark and groovy techno that’s on offer, I’d have to go for the title track. To be honest though, you’re best off grabbing all four, so head on over to Beatport now, turn the lights out, and pretend you’re in the main room at Space.

Yasmin Damoui
Funk/Hip Hop | Tuxedo – The Right Time (Kaytranada Remix) [Stones Throw]
It’s been an exceptionally stellar year for power duo Tuxedo and hip hop producer Kaytranada, but no one saw a collaboration between the two coming. Kaytranada has bestowed his signature magic touch on The Right Time, a stand out from Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One’s self-titled debut album Tuxedo. Needless to say, fans of both acts were happily surprised. Cop the funk-filled record via Stones Throw Records here.

Shea Kopp
Nu Disco | Du Tonc – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework) [Free Download]
Du Tonc spread their disco vibes on The Pixies’ classic hit Monkey Gone To Heaven, a stunning follow-up to their last throwback cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire. Matt Van Schie’s seductive vocals glide over echoed guitar chords and mellow synths to make this rock classic almost unrecognizable in the best possible way. You can grab your free download of the track at the group’s SoundCloud here.

Megan Murphy
Electro-pop | Penguin Prison – Show Me The Way (Original Mix) [Downtown]
Chris Glover, better known as producer/singer/songwriter Penguin Prison, released his self-titled debut album in 2011. This week, he finally returned with his second LP, and it was most definitely worth the wait. Among its many standout tracks is Show Me The Way, a melody comprised of silky smooth percussion, catchy vocals, and bright synths. It’s hard to pinpoint Penguin Prison under any one genre, as the diversity of sound on his new album proves. Grab the LP Lost In New York on iTunes here, and get your Friday dance party started.

Marcus Dowling
Deep House | Nero – Innocence (Baewatch Bootleg) [Free Download]
New Jersey- and Colorado-based Internet friends Baewatch have released singles via Crookers’ Ciao Records and are building an underground following as jack-of-all-trades producers who are slowly growing in mastery of a plethora of sounds. Their latest release sees the duo taking UK-based bass superstars’ Nero’s 2011 hit Innocence out of its dubstep environs and into a more dub-friendly deep house direction. The throbbing wobbles instead serve as touchstones for the heavy four-on-the-floor kicks and pop-friendly chord progressions to resonate and create a hot-and-heavy house wonder of a re-interpretation. Grab Baewatch’s bootleg for free here.

Michelle Gardner
Trance | Carlin & Fil – Awakening (Saer Remix) [Elliptical Sun]
I fell in love with newbie Saer almost a year ago when he released Event Horizon, and I’ve been following him closely ever since. So you can imagine my surprise when Above & Beyond delivered the world premiere of his remix of Carlin & Fil’s Awakening on ABGT today. I have a feeling that the #TranceFamily should keep an eye on this guy. The track will be released on May 18. Follow him on Facebook for details on where you can pick it up. Until then, you can listen exclusively here.