Jun 14, 2013
Friday Favorites 08
Arston - Zodiac (Original Mix) [PinkStar]
RÜFÜS - Desert Night [Sweat It Out]
Congorock - Ivory (Mumbai Science Remix)
LabRat - Fuse (Original Mix)
Billie Holiday - My Man (Toro y Moi Remix)
The M Machine - Promise Me A Rose Garden (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Kidkanevil - Megajoy (Tokimonsta Unsound Bliss Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money (Original Mix) [Polydor]
Amtrac - The Scheme (Original Mix) [Super Music Group]
Boards Of Canada - Reach for the Dead (Original Mix) [Warp]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat. Tom Cane - Through the Night (501 Remix) [New State]

Well, you made it. It’s Friday. Before you start dancing around and celebrating willy-nilly, let us provide you with some music with which to get down… aaaaand go!

Josh Bennett
Arston – Zodiac (Original Mix) [PinkStar]
Belarusian producer Arston has made his first big splash with Zodiac, a deliciously melodic track that encompasses every definition of the word progressive. It’s atmospheric, it’s big room, it’s beautiful. Pick it up here on Beatport.

Jesse Champagne
RÜFÜS – Desert Night [Sweat It Out]
Folllowing the release of their critically acclaimed first single Take Me, Australian electro-pop outfit RÜFÜS is back with Desert Night, the second single off their upcoming debut album Atlas. Featuring fantastic vocals, perfect percussions, and a groovy bassline, the single manages to strike a perfect balance between chill and upbeat. Desert Night is available digitally on June 21 here.

Bryan Stauffer
Congorock – Ivory (Mumbai Science Remix) [Ultra]
Belgian DJ and producer duo Mumbai Science really won me over with their remix of Congorock’s club smasher Ivory. The original is the type of raw, in-your-face electro tune we have come to expect from Rocco Rampino, leaving Jonas Kiesekoms and Maarten Elen with the tough task of remixing an already astounding tune. Blending two drastically different styles to create one tune that is flawless from start to finish, it’s no surprise these two have earned a reputation as some of the best producers in the game today.

Nathan Codd
Labrat – Fuse (Original Mix)
I can’t begin the weekend without wrapping myself up in one or two of Santa Cruz sound-crafter LabRat’s enveloping glitch hop soundscapes. Fuse hits me like the world’s greatest elevator music, if said elevator led to the planetary system of swagger in the deep-space galaxy of funk. Where we goin’? Higher.

Matt Heidkamp
Billie Holiday – My Man (Toro y Moi Remix)
Toro y Moi has been weirder than usual lately. Morphing from his usual chilled funkiness, the producer flips Ms. Holiday’s My Man into a downbeat, heady banger chock full of little glitches, quirks and soulfully pitchshifted vocal snippets.

Jeremy Rathbun
The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
The M Machine offered up their first EP on OWSLA in 2011 with Promise Me A Rose Garden and Glow. That was all that was necessary to fire this group into the stratosphere. Hauntingly beautiful vocals peek out from behind horns and elegant arpeggios that remind me a bit of the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Their subsequent EPs on the same label have been stellar and I eagerly await more music from this team.

Jorge Meza
Kidkanevil – Megajoy (Tokimonsta Unsound Bliss Remix)
Los Angeles native, Tokimonsta (Jennifer Lee) is known for her unique take on indie electronic/R&B/dance music. This remix is one of the many reasons why Tokimonsta is the first female to join Flying Lotus’ crew/label Brainfeeder, which is on the forefront of the LA music scene.

Jerry Shikhman
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money (Original Mix) [Polydor]
Governor’s Ball brought a whole bunch of fantastic musical acts to New York City this past weekend, leaving a very interesting playlist on repeat in my head. The first track on that list comes from the first performer I personally saw, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The UK’s Orlando Higginbottom has been turning heads with his fresh yet familiar flavor of dance music. Tapes & Money, one of many great tracks on his first full-length album, Trouble, combines a new wave melody with progressive chords, all to Higginbottom’s own soothing voice. Can’t wait to see who Gov Ball brings to town next year!

Emily Tran
Amtrac – The Scheme (Original Mix) [Super Music Group]
Summer is officially underway, and no one understands how to craft sexy grooves that keep you cool in the heat better than Kentucky-born, Miami-based Amtrac. The Scheme is a bouncy, booty-shakin’ track with funky vocal samples that are seamlessly spliced throughout. It’s a breath of fresh air that is sure to keep you dancing all summer long.

Ari Evans
Boards of Canada – Reach for the Dead (Original Mix) [Warp]
Boards of Canada’s fervent fans have been rabid with anticipation for the group’s latest album, Tomorrow’s Harvest. From the mysterious and well-executed marketing campaign to the outstanding quality of produced work, it’s obvious that an incredible amount of care and detail went into planning this album’s release. The result is definitely worth the near seven-year wait. Reach for the Dead is easily one of my favorites, and it has a sweet trippy video to accompany it. Get at it!

Chris Porter
Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat. Tom Cane – Through the Night (501 Remix) [New State Music]
What more is there to say about this? Drumsound & Bassline Smith and 501–sounds like a dream team to me.