Sep 27, 2012
Fresh Feeling
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Metrik Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Extended Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Bobby Tank Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]

To seasoned drum & bass fans, DJ Fresh is a product of Bad Company fame–the group known for authoring historic tracks like The Nine, Planet Dust, and Mo’ Fire. To the newest generation of drum & bass fans, DJ Fresh is a crossover virtuoso, capable of producing d&b tracks with enough appeal to out-chart the hottest pop songs. Whether old or new, all d&b fans recognize DJ Fresh’s lasting contributions to bass music by way of his tech-step masterpieces with Bad Company, lauded imprint Breakbeat Kaos, and recent crossover anthems like Hot Right Now. With an upcoming album on the horizon, Fresh opens the shades a little to give his fans a glimpse at what he has in store for them on October 1. Out on the mighty Ministry Of Sound label comes DJ Fresh’s newest tune from his forthcoming album Nextlevelism called The Feeling–and what a good feeling it is!

After listening to The Feeling EP, history suggests it will likely make a run up the charts. Fresh has used the same winning formula in The Feeling as used in tracks like Hypercaine, Gold Dust, and Louder: playful melodies, incredibly powerful and soulful vocals (this time courtesy of RaVaughn), and high-energy breaks. These commonalities invoke positivity that make DJ Fresh’s songs accessible to fans of any genre of music; everyone enjoys feeling good, and feeling good begets dancing.

Alongside an official video (below) shot in the busy streets of Tokyo, this EP features four shockingly superb remixes from Bobby Tank, Metrik, Utah Saints, and Julian Jordan. The Bobby Tank remix is incredibly crafty insofar as its ability to generate bounding energy through tonal devices rather than a bustling rhythm. The constantly building harmonies and melodies paired with his signature 80’s-styled synthetic sound make this remix an unforgettable journey through a vivid electronic soundscape. For a second dose of d&b, check out man-of-the-hour Metrik, who seems to be turning everything he touches into gold. He deploys the heavy artillery for his remix, with multiple modulated drumstep leads and a furious arrangement of relentless breaks and intricate RaVaughn vocal layering. Head over to the Ministry Of Sound website to check out the Utah Saints and Julian Jordan remixes.

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