Aug 29, 2011
French Revenge
By mye
Melee Beats - Vectors (The Phantom's Revenge Remix)

Things that France has given the world: the bicycle, photography, and… free music?

House music master The Phantom’s Revenge has released his latest remix, and guess what–it’s free! In an age where the economy, profits and pretty much everything else are in the tank, giving out such a high quality song is something to be respected.

The track in question is a remix of Melee Beats’ disco-themed Vectors (Someone Like You), which The Phantom proceeds to chop and glitch the song into French house oblivion. Keeping the driving piano riff, he works in a bouncy, sweat-inducing baseline and throws in a few scratch effects to keep things moving. This revenge is best served LOUD. You can pick up the remix here, and be sure to show him some love on his Facebook page.

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