Jul 04, 2011
Free to Fly
Max Graham feat Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up (Original Mix) [Re*Brand]
Max Graham feat Neev Kennedy - So Caught Up (Joint Operations Centre Remix) [Re*Brand]
Max Graham feat Neev Kennedy - Sun in the Winter (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Max Graham (pictured) and Neev Kennedy gave us warmth with the luminosity of Sun In The Winter. Today, the pair solidify their talents and really show us what prog-trance is all about with a follow-up titled So Caught Up, which was featured on AvB’s A State of Trance 2011 compilation.

In just his second year back from a hiatus, Max Graham spreads his wings and takes his sound to the next level. The core of So Caught Up lies within an array of uplifting sounds and Neev’s captivating vocal performance, with a message that rescues the listener from drowning in their everyday struggles. To get that extra big room sound, Max brings in trance master John O’Callaghan for a beastly Joint Operations Centre rendition.

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