Mar 10, 2011
Free Music From Bassnectar
The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian (Bassnectar Remix)

The ace of bass strikes again! Recently, Bassnectar posted an awesome remix on his website, and the best part? It’s absolutely free! Bassnectar has always given out free tracks on his site, but this one was for a very special occasion–Egypt’s transition into a democracy. Having an outspoken political voice, Bassnectar felt it right to celebrate this occasion by giving away his 2003 remix of Walk Like An Egyptian. In a statement, the man otherwise known as Lorin Ashton said, “I cannot pretend that I understand the intricacies of Egypt’s current political situation (neither the history of it, nor the most recent developments: the people’s uprising, the overthrow of a dictator, etc.) but I do know it is amazing to witness humans coming together to organize and rise up against injustice.” Indeed, this is certainly a moment to celebrate.

The remix itself is pretty chilled out. It’s more hip hoppy than dubstep, with an old school Bassnectar sound. Comment on what you think of it! Do you love the old school vibe, or are you more of a fan of Bassnectar’s more recent productions? Either way, it’s interesting to note the differences in his music over the years.

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