Nov 19, 2013
Fred Falke Funkifies Pompeya’s ’90’
Pompeya - 90 (Fred Falke Remix) [No Shame]

In his latest release, French house producer Fred Falke conquers the Russian pop scene with his remix of Moscow band Pompeya’s tune, 90.

The French DJ inserts his signature nu-disco sound into this version of the track, providing a funky vibe made smoother by the melodious vocals of the original. There’s no shortage of electroclash feel here though, as a bit of synth and a steady baseline definitely make the remix dance-worthy.

Falke’s track record boasts remixes from a diverse range of artists, from Nero to Katy Perry and even indie rock band Grizzly Bear. In 90, he makes yet another distinct sound his own while retaining the easy, euphoric pop feel of the original track.

The Falke rework is the first release from Pompeya’s Tropical Remix Compilation and is available for purchase here.