Jul 15, 2015
Fred Falke Elevates Chordashian’s ‘Skyscraper Souls’
Chordashian feat. Freedom Fry - Skyscraper Souls (Original Mix) [Thrive]

Fred Falke (pictured) comes in hot with another edgy remix, this time in the form of Brooklyn-based Chordashian’s latest indie dance number with Freedom Fry called Skyscraper Souls.

Falke replaces the lilting chords of the original with angular synth stabs synonymous with his iconic sound, which falls comfortably between the nu disco and French house genres. He keeps Freedom Fry’s vocals central to the rendition to maintain the tune’s catchy pop sensibilities, while injecting it with a revitalized dancefloor energy. It’s impossible not to dance to this one–you’ve been warned!

Falke is currently in the studio readying some more disco infusions for his fans, but in the meantime, you can head to Beatport to claim your copy of his Chordashian remix here.

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