Mar 10, 2014
Frank Ocean, Diplo, Former Clash Members Team Up For Converse Track
Frank Ocean, Diplo, Mike Jones, Paul Simonon - Hero (Original Mix)

Aside from being sued by Chipotle over the weekend, Frank Ocean teamed up with producer Diplo and former Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon to release Hero, the latest track in Converse’s “Three Artists One Song” campaign.

In the past, Converse has put together a number of star-studded collaborations including 2008’s My Drive Thru (featuring Julian Casablancas, Santigold, and Pharrell) and 2012’s DoYaThing (featuring Gorillaz, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and André 3000). “Hero” is an inspiring combination of classic Clash-like riffs and airy Diplo production, blanketed over by Ocean’s heavenly vocals that make it sound like it came straight off a TV On The Radio record. Also featured on the track is the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir.

According to Diplo, the group wanted to forge something unexpected and create a sound that would surprise listeners:

The Clash were always teachers to me, even before I shared a studio with Paul and Mick. Their musical anarchy and constant attitude to disregard rules and forge their own path was inspirational to me. They meant death to genres, music and message above everything. Frank lives by the same creed in being married to his vision and seeing it through at any cost. We had to challenge each other to make something that we hope no one could expect and Converse valued everyone’s artistic freedom to let us shine throughout the past few months to make this thing happen.

You can download the track for free via Converse’s SoundCloud Page.

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