Nov 25, 2013
Fractal Summons The ‘Elements’
Fractal - Elements (Original Mix) [Monstercat]

Are you a fan of Seven Lions? Then you are going to absolutely love Fractal. 20-year-old Baltimore native Brady Wiggins combines elements of dubstep, drum & bass, and electro house to create a self-described “potent cocktail of raw bass power.” His newest original release, Elements, out now on Monstercat, is exactly that–raw, powerful, and packed with bass.

Elements begins with a beautiful and brooding build replete with bass and haunting vocals. Touching, mesmerizing, and totally encapsulating, Fractal ensnares the senses and takes the listener on a melodic and euphoric journey. And that’s before the drop hits. At that point, all bets are off. Call it luvstep, dreamstep, or anything in between, the fact remains that it is freaking awesome.

In his own words, Fractal describes his vision:

“I’m in it for the game changers, the tear droppers, the soul lifters and the bar breakers. To me, each song is a journey, and I’m here to take you on quite the crazy one, if your up for it that is.”

We’re with you all the way, Brady. Pick up Elements on Beatport now.

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