Apr 18, 2014
Four Tet Shares New Music Under Percussions Alias
Percussion - Sext (Original Mix) [Text]
Percussion - Blatant Water Cannon (Original Mix) [Text]
Percussion - Ascii Bot (Original Mix) [Text]

Kieran Hebden, better known to the world as Four Tet, has announced the imminent release of two 12″ records under his Percussions alias.

On April 28, Hebden’s own Text imprint will release KHLHI/Sext (TEXT029) and Ascii Bot/Blatant Water Cannon (TEXT030); so far, the artist has shared three of the four tracks, which you can stream above. This new music marks the first we’ve heard from Percussions since 2012, when Hebden introduced us to this moniker with the Bird Songs/Rabbit Songs 12″. The name may be different, but the music is undeniably Four Tet: playful, hypnotic, colorful, and utterly unlike anything else making its way across the electronic landscape.

But if you do happen to be in the market for similar music, Text will also be releasing a third 12″ on the same day from an artist called Taraval, who may or may not actually be Four Tet trying to pull another fast one on us. Either way, the Streetways EP looks to be yet another fine collection of shimmering, kaleidoscopic electronica.

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