May 20, 2014
Four Tet Collaborates With Rapper Rome Fortune On ‘One Time For’
Rome Fortune - One Time For (Original Mix) (Prod. by Four Tet)

Four Tet continues his steady stream of innovative collaborative works today with One Time For, a hip hop track produced for rapper Rome Fortune.

Over the course of several mixtapes and singles in the last year, Fortune has demonstrated an impeccable taste in beats upon which to let loose with his steady, self-assured flow. “U just can’t predict where i’m gonna go next,” Fortune claims, and the same can certainly be said of Four Tet, who takes to hip hop production much the same way as he does dance music–which is to say, utterly unlike anyone else. The delicious synths that frame the surprisingly bangin’ beat sound remarkably similar to those employed on Four Tet’s recent single ASCII Bot as Percussions, only melted on the sidewalk and left dripping neon-colored pools into the street.

Download One Time For for free on SoundCloud, and look out for the second track from this collaboration to surface sometime in the near future. When you’re fiendin’ for more Fortune, snag his new Drive, Thighs & Lies mixtape as well.

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