Jan 17, 2014
Four Tet Reissues Early Material On Bandcamp
Four Tet - Alambradas (Original Mix)
Four Tet - The Space Of Two Weeks (Original Mix)
Four Tet - Chiron (Original Mix)

Kieran “Four Tet” Hebden makes a fashionably late entrance to Bandcamp this week with a treasure trove of early material. The page, which cheekily cribs its layout from Sendspace and Spotify, features four records from Hebden originally released in 1998 and ’99–Thirtysixtwentyfive, Misnomer, Glasshead, and Dialogue.

Hebden’s crate-digging prowess is on full display here, as these records are packed to the brim with funky drum breaks and warped, frayed jazz samples. They also serve as a welcome companion to the previously unreleased mother lode of tracks that Four Tet posted on Twitter last month, providing a better sense of context for some of the earlier tunes there.

If you’re curious about how Four Tet crafts his unique songs, check out this video of the producer’s recent race against the clock to construct a beat around samples of Michael Jackson’s Thriller in 10 minutes’ time:

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