Jul 30, 2012
Four Tet Plays With Harps
Four Tet - 128 Harps (Anthony Naples Remix) [Text]
Four Tet - 128 Harps (Original Mix) [Text]

Since his breakthrough album There Is Love In You was released in 2010, Four Tet has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the most vogue and in-demand downtempo bass producers in the business. His collaborations with the likes of Burial and Mala placed him firmly at the forefront of the indie scene, but it is when he strikes out on his own that Keiran Hebden produces his best work.

128 Harps is the latest in a series of 12″s released on his own Text Records label. The gorgeous juxtaposition of fractured vocals and glittering strings is pure Four Tet magic–a fantastic addition to a catalogue already full of them. The drum programming is taut and flickering, the bass squelching beneath meaty kicks that anchor the track in definite UK bass territory. Standing in stark contrast to this is Anthony Naples’ rework which occupies the second half of this release. Naples transforms 128 Harps from sophisticated cutting-edge genre-straddler to a deep house groove, making excellent use of the original’s sharp-edged vocals as counterpoint to tribal toms and a sweat-drenched bank of synths that seep into every corner of the mix.

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