Jun 22, 2015
Four Tet Releases ‘Morning/Evening’ LP Early
Four Tet - Morning (Original Mix)
Four Tet - Evening (Original Mix)

Always one for a surprise, Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, has released his Morning/Evening LP ahead of its July release date, and it’s an eclectic two-track affair with each track clocking in at over 20-minutes apiece.

Even at their lengthy 20-minute duration, Morning and Evening are not the longest tracks Hebden has produced. His first production as a solo artist was Thirtysixtwentyfive, which clocked in at an unprecedented 36 minutes and 25 seconds. Multifarious by nature, Four Tet utilizes time and space in most of his productions to let his tracks unfold at a subtle pace, rather than opt for a traditional pop appeal and shorter track length.

Morning is a sprawling soundscape that samples an indecipherable Indian vocalist in what Hebden describes on his Bandcamp as “manipulations of found audio recordings” that he’s layered against bright chirps and uplifting ebbing drones. The flip side of the LP, Evening, takes a more sinister approach and opens with dissonant and echoed notes, rather than the euphoric harmony of Morning. Taken together, the two tracks play off each other to unpack a story of day and night, both using a heavily distorted female vocalist as their focal point.

You can purchase the entire Morning/Evening LP here, and catch Four Tet as he continues his world tour.

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