Oct 05, 2010
Four Score And Seven Years Ago
Shipstad & Warren - Eighty-Seven Years (Thom V Remix) [Smu[th] Digital]

We need to put an economic blockade or something on Dutch beats. Somebody’s got to put a stop to them immediately because they’re producing simply just too many great tracks. To make matters worse, artists such as Thom V are emerging as fresh new talent from the underground. Formally known as Thomas Vink, this rising producer has already spread to many prestigious labels including Armada and, more recently, the Washington, DC-based Smu[th] Digital.

Thom V’s polished talent is aptly demonstrated by his recent remix of Eighty-Seven Years by an American duo named Shipstad & Warren. It starts off as a seemingly smooth and melodic but then catches you by surprise with its climactic peak dominated by exploding distorted bass riffs. Talent like this doesn’t just simply fade away, so I’m afraid we’re all going to be hearing a great deal more breathtaking tracks from Thomas soon.

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