Oct 04, 2015
Former F1 Driver Jaime Alguersuari Retires From Motorsport To Concentrate On Music

“Race car driver” and “DJ” probably feature on quite a few kids’ wish lists for things to do when they’re all grow up, and a fair few adults still share the same ambitions. So it’s pretty impressive that Jaime Alguersuari has managed to tick both boxes by the age of just 25, hanging up his helmet for a pair of headphones.

Alguersuari made headlines back in 2009 when he made his debut in Formula One as the youngest ever driver in the sport at just 19 years old. Jaime had risen up the ranks of the junior formulas before being picked out by motorsport giants Red Bull as a star of the future, earning a place in their “b-team” Torro Rosso. His time in F1 yielded some impressive results, but he was left without a seat for the 2012 season and became a test driver for Pirelli and raced in Formula E.

Despite the extremely intensive nature of the life of an F1 driver, Alguersuari managed to make a name for himself in the dance music scene in his native Spain while still competing full time. Working under the alias Squire, he released his debut album Organic Life on Blanco y Negro, which hit #1 on the Spanish iTunes chart in 2011, and performed gigs at the likes of Amnesia Ibiza. Putting his accolades aside, his music is clearly the work of a producer who happened to race cars, rather than a racing driver who tried his hand at making music for fun. Check out his 2011 single Organic Life below, and keep your eyes pealed for more to come in the near future.