Aug 14, 2014
Learn To ‘Forgive & Forget’ On Oliver Nelson’s The Kooks Remix

Oliver Nelson knows how to navigate his way through indie music tracks to create a perfectly mixed piece of production. This holds true for his latest remix, a take on Forgive & Forget, the brand new single from British rock battalion The Kooks (pictured).

Nelson rewires Forgive & Forget from a raucous indie rock anthem into a pop-infused blend of nu disco and funk. The young Swedish producer achieves what I didn’t think was possible until now: seamlessly transition a Kooks track into dance territory without compromising the basic architecture of the original. While keeping the structure of Forgive & Forget intact, Nelson is able to build a foundation of electronic terrain around frontman Luke Pritchard’s soul-singing vocals and wrap them in a blanket of tropical melodies and dance-inducing beats.

Nelson’s remix comes just one month before The Kooks are set to release their fourth studio album, Listen, out Sept. 1 via Virgin EMI. No word on any release for the remix, however.

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