Jan 23, 2014
Forget Boiler Room–This Is Toilet Room

Is Boiler Room getting a bit too mainstream for you? Does it feel like everyone’s watching? Sick of seeing the cream of the coattail-riding crop swaying awkwardly next to the DJ in a dark room? Introducing Sydney-based Toilet Room, the true underground fan’s lavatory laboratory of the latest in music that’s way better than what everyone else listens to. Finally, a place to act like neither your music nor your sh*t stinks simultaneously.

Team Toilet brought on Paleman for their inaugural show, and the Manchester talent set the bar quite high… you know, the one you stash your coat or purse on.

When examined critically, however, it doesn’t take an entertainment visionary to recognize that this concept is the future. First off, those in attendance can party completely uninhibited, knowing that no matter how dirty it gets–or how dirty it got the night before–Toilet Room is made to sparkle every night by the industry’s leading sanitation experts. Feeling a bit queasy from one too many drinks? Just turn to your right. Feeling a little lonely? Peruse TR’s built-in, wall-based guest book for phone numbers and opportunities to meet for “a good time.” What else could you need?

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