Oct 22, 2013
Forever Kid Ramps Up the Free Remixes
Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court (Forever Kid Remix)
Bee Gees - Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)

Swedish duo Forever Kid have been steadily releasing new remixes, all of which they’re offering as free downloads. Their most recent remix is of the Capital Cities track Kangaroo Court, in which they turn up the intensity a bit as well as showcase the synths that their productions are quickly becoming known for.

However, my favorite of them all is their remix of The Bee Gees’ Tragedy, a mega disco track released in 1979. The remix does a great job of preserving the original’s soaring vocals and adds in a dose of pop synths. The resulting remix is an extremely upbeat track with both disco and current house influences that work together seamlessly.

Check out the Forver Kids’ Facebook Page for free downloads of the tracks as well as a few other remixes.

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