Sep 07, 2011
For Your Ears Only
Caspa - Sir Rock Alot [Sub Soldiers]
Caspa - Hot Shoe Shuffle [Sub Soldiers]
Caspa - It Is What It Is [Sub Soldiers]

The post-dubstep movement in Britain is ambivalent. On one hand, the fervor for heavy, bass-drenched sounds remains as strong as ever. But on the other hand, the standard wobble along with the frantic, complextro-driven sounds of brostep are out. What’s a seasoned producer like Caspa–who was there with the dubstep scene from its infancy–to do? Whatever he wants, of course.

The Not for the Playlist EP, like the title suggests, ain’t for your morning jog or afternoon couch session. This is a collection of songs hellbent on communicating Caspa’s raw, dirty interpretion of stepbeat music. The first track, Sir Rock Alot, channels the head-thrashing properties of metal into a grimy banger best suited for some real speakers. Hot Shoe Shuffle forgoes the steps, but keeps the tempo and adds simply mortifying kick to make a funky house track of very dark colors. The last one I’m including is It Is What It Is, a low, minimalistic take on wobbly bass.

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