May 08, 2010
Foamo Blast

Hello all, Phange speaking.

I’m a southern Californian currently residing in upstate New York going to school and occasionally spinning some house and electro with a few other bloggers on this site.

I really love a variety of EDM; anything from tech house to drum n’ bass. My specialty, though, is what I spin: electro, fidget, dub and when I first started raving, I was definitely a trancehead; it was the big thing a few years back, especially for huge festivals. Like everyone else though, I caught the electro wave, and now I’m sick with dubstep fever.

Last February, Jack Beats dropped this bassline monster in their essential mix and I was sold. Now that it’s here as a two-sided release, we have a couple bombs from Foamo. Both of them are absolute bombs with heavy, heavy drops. Listen with caution.

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