Apr 22, 2012
Foaming at the Mouth
Foamo - Sherlock (Original Mix) [Fat!]
Foamo - Vibrations (Original Mix) [Fat!]
Foamo - Celestial (Original Mix) [Fat!]

Whether it’s at Space in Ibiza, Chew the Fat in London, or Trouble & Bass in New York, DJ/producer Foamo has become the typical jet-setting, international superstar DJ. As a producer, Foamo’s fidgety production style of house music has slowly evolved into a more electro flavor, but still keeps its minimal and garage roots. Fans of Foamo can always hang their hats on his addicting vocal loops, syncopated ghost snares, and Rhodes piano chords. His latest EP Tremors, out on Fat! Records, is a mixture of his new-found electro style with undertones of his fidgety flavor and some fresh UK funky inspiration.

The first tune off of Tremors is Sherlock, a tune with a distorted and clipped bassline that exhibits Foamo’s roots in drum’n’bass. Sherlock’s minimal house vocals loop constantly–a bit of an old-school house technique that never gets old. The next tune, Vibrations, has a crackling, wobbled-out bassline that gets a few extra layers of mid-range crunch as the song proceeds. With a similar R&B vocal to Sherlock, Vibrations occasionally shifts into a muted electric piano chord progression until the song drops back into its dirty bassline melody. Another great track on the EP, Celestial, is a bit of a new direction for Foamo. It features a percussive synth that jabs away while the heavily filtered sub-bass groans in the background. The tune absolutely explodes after its final drop, dropping every instrument into the arrangement.

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