May 08, 2014
Flying Lotus Shares Supernatural ‘Phantasm’ Video

Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, is due for a new album any day now. Still riding high from his critically acclaimed 2012 release Until The Quiet Comes, the producer/rapper has released an eerie new video for his track Phantasm.

A deeper cut off the album, Phantasm is an airy, tranquil track that features planetary synth arrangements and an alluring vocal track from Laura Darlington of The Long Lost. Darlington was also featured on Lotus’ track Unexpected Delight, off his debut album 1983. The new video for Phantasm takes place in a desolate, desert landscape and follows the aimless wanderings of a shrouded, enigmatic entity and an animated tumbleweed made of feathers.

The video was shot and directed by Mark Hofko over two days on Desert Road in New Zealand. According to Hofko, “2 characters and me behind the camera was all there was. Nice and simple. And complicated.” Check out the video below:

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