Jan 21, 2014
Flying Lotus Hosts Impromptu Q&A On Twitter

Yesterday, Steven “Flying Lotus” Ellison took to Twitter to field questions from fans about projects he’s working on, music he’s digging, and his opinions on various psychedelic substances, among many other topics.

Lots of juicy deets were spilled, chief among which was the revelation that we can expect more material from FlyLo’s rapper alter ego Captain Murphy in 2014. When asked what he’s been listening to lately, Ellison name-dropped Queen, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd; a follow-up question revealed that yes, we should expect his next album (which he is “about to start mixing”) to be “heavy on prog vibes.”

He also hinted that he’s interested in working with James Blake, and that his collaborations with rapper ScHoolboy Q will likely never see the light of day.

If you’re worried that Flying Lotus might one day shut his laptop and retire from music production, fear not–Ellison assured fans that he’s in it for the long haul:

At the time of writing, FlyLo was still responding to questions from fans. Go ahead now, don’t be shy–ask him anything.

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