Oct 22, 2013
‘Fly Away’ with Danny Young
Danny Young - Fly Away (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

Hunt around the depths of the internet and you’ll find discussion boards, social media comments and even musicians themselves waxing-lyrical about the “death” of a given genre. It pre-dates the internet and has happened throughout the history of popular music, but dance music is oddly resilient. House reigns supreme, techno still remains largely underground, and trance is still present in its many forms. The “big room” sound is bringing trance to a whole new audience of late, but if you’re looking for a solid piece of 138bpm goodness, there’s still plenty out there.

Danny Young’s Fly Away is one such offering. Straight out of 1999, 2009, or even 2019, it’s a timeless piece of uplifting trance that just somehow “fits”. There’s some vocal chops, a stomping rhythm, a rolling bassline and some amazing synth arpeggios topping it all off. It’s one of those tracks which would work across a huge array of settings–from an underground club in the UK to one of Armin’s massive arena gigs, there’s always room for a massive melody and an uplifting feeling–tracks like this are what get people into dance music in the first place.

Fly Away is out now on Monster Digital, a label which prides itself on keeping the underground trance sound alive, though with tracks like this, it’s a sound which deserves to be heard by the masses.

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