Oct 23, 2013
Flume’s Steamy Disclosure Remix Video

When he set out to remix one of the biggest hits from Disclosure’s album-of-the-year candidate, Flume had his work cut out for him. Being such a complete and distinct composition, You & Me naturally poses a challenge, and I’d say he made out pretty well with his “ORCHESTRALCRUNKWAVE” remix… but definitely not as well as this video makes out.

What can one do when needing a video for a tune as sexy as this one but allow it to fulfil its destiny soundtracking an epic makeout sesh? Although minimalist in nature, the simple yet powerful imagery is a breath of fresh air in a music video field infatuated with complex, high-budgeted narratives with special effects. Enjoy, but it might get a little hot in… wherever you are, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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